How To Succeed at Facebook

Facebook ScreenshotHave you ever wondered how Facebook chooses what posts to run in its newsfeed? Although they keep their exact formulas a secret, there are a few ways we know increase your odds of being seen.

Adding multimedia elements to a post makes it more likely to end up in someone’s feed. Posting videos, photos, links and regular status updates (ranked from most to least likely to be pulled into the feed) increase your chances.

While uploading a video is your best bet of getting to the newsfeed, don’t worry about editing it. Just record 30 seconds to a minute on your phone of how you do certain tasks. For example, show how you mow a lawn, what makes your business different, something you’re working on or even a funny clip from an office party.

“These videos will give people insight into your business and show you’re personable,” says Marlin Caddell, web developer and social media adviser for Randall-Reilly, TLC’s publisher. “It builds your brand and demonstrates you’re not just out for people’s business – you want to entertain them and be a good landscaper.”

Later on if you have the time, you can always improve the quality, but it’s more important to just get videos out there.

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