Landscaper Gives Back in a Big Way

Photo: News CenterPhoto: News Center

There is a lot of negative news happening across every industry lately – yes, even in the landscaping industry.

But, to counteract some of the negativity, there is one landscaper in Maine who is giving back.

A landscaper is giving back to a local cemetery after vandals decided to set fire to a shed, flip benches and knock over approximately 80 headstones, according to WCSH6

To repair the damage would take a lot of work and money, which typically falls on the family and friends of those buried there. However, Tim Brown with Brownies Landscaping decided to step in.

Brown brought in two additional employees who also joined the Augusta Public Works to clean up the damage. 

The team was able to fix 30 stones in one day with the hope to finish all of the stones over the course of a week. 

This small touch of generosity goes a long way in a local community.

The holidays are a time of giving, and it’s time to take a look around to see what needs to be done.

So, take a minute to step away from a client’s yard this season and give back to your community.


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