3 keys to landscaping business success

Updated Apr 10, 2019
Make sure your employees know exactly what the goals are on a job.Make sure your employees know exactly what the goals are on a job.

When Jason Tebben and Nathan Morrison started their landscaping and tree care business, Arborscapes back in 2000, they didn’t know the success they would find in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Through hard work, good decision-making and teamwork, the two have been able to grow the business every year – even through the tough times of the recession.

And the two have worked together long enough to find specific things that work for their business.

Here are a few keys to their success:


“Not only education from our standpoint, but educating our customers and educating our employees to exactly what we’re doing on a jobsite,” Morrison says. Both Tebben and Morrison walk through a client’s property and point out different species of trees and plants, as well as give tips on how to take care of their landscapes.

Exceeding customers’ expectations

“We always go above and beyond what we’re supposed to be doing at the job,” Tebben says. “That could be something as simple as hosing down and cleaning a driveway or rolling the trash cans up after we’re finished with the work, or seeing something that needs to be done that we weren’t necessarily supposed to do. We knew it needed to be done, and we go ahead and do it.”

Investing back into the business

Instead of focusing on only making money, Tebben and Morrison continuously invest money back into their business. “We want to continue to stay in business, and in order to stay in business, we want to be technologically advanced and have the right equipment to do our jobs properly without having to over work ourselves and our employees,” Morrison says. “Reinvestment into the business is very important, because that’s what is going to keep us going long term and it keeps our assets at a high level.”

To see more of Arborscapes’ keys to success, watch the video:

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