Add color to a shady landscape with these vibrant plants

Updated Jul 27, 2023


Hadspen Blue Hosta from Blue Hosta from

A place in the shade is certainly comfortable, but it can also be colorful with the addition of these shade-loving flowers and plants.

  • New Guinea Impatiens provide annual color in shady spaces. Because of their long blooming cycle, you’ll have color through the summer and into fall. New Guinea Impatiens grow to approximately 14 inches tall, with a spread of about 12 inches. Pair them with simple, dark-foliage shrubs to highlight their vibrant colors.
  • Heuchera, from Thomas and Betts.Heuchera, from Thomas and Betts.

    Variegated Hostas are available in hundreds of varieties, and their amazing foliage offers an abundance of shade-loving colors. The blooms, which grow from stalks rising from the center of the plant, are short-lived, while foliage colors like those that occur in the white-variegated variety add light to shady planting beds.

  • Heuchera, otherwise known as Coral Bells, are named for the small, white, bell-shaped blooms that also grow on stalks rising from the plant. Like hostas, the blooms are short-lived, so plant heuchera for its vegetation, which comes in a variety of colors, including mocha, peach flambe, miracle, and crème brulee, just to name a few.
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