Design considerations for outdoor decks

Updated May 20, 2021
Photo: Trex Co.Photo: Trex Co.

Is your client looking for a deck update that is truly their own? These days clients are looking for custom deck work. Fortunately, there is an endless array of options for unique deck designs. Here are some design considerations for outdoor decks that you can share with your client. They are unique ideas that will be sure to impress your client and anyone who sees it and also bring in new business for you!

1. Use decking to connect the yard

Photo: Trex Co.Photo: Trex Co.

Sometimes a yard can feel like a deck breaks it into different “zones” rather than creating one, cohesive look. You can avoid that by using the best wood decking material to bring the different areas of the yard together. Say, for example, the homeowner has a pool; you can use decking to create a walkway to connect the pool to the deck. It is a simple design that can make a huge difference and really create a cohesive backyard design.

2. Decking as furniture

Who said decking materials could only be used as a deck? These days, people are getting incredibly creative with how they use certain materials. Consider using decking to create some furniture, like seating or tables. Not only will it provide something functional for your client, but it will make their deck and yard really stand out. It is seen in public spaces quite often, so it would be easy to adapt it to work for a homeowner as well.

3. Go multi-story

Photo: Trex Co.Photo: Trex Co.

If your client has a multi-story home, then take advantage of it and create a multi-story deck. This will not only further expand their outdoor living space, but it can create a new perspective on their property to enjoy. It can even create a personal sanctuary for the homeowners, so they have a place to go out and simply relax for a while. Alternatively, you could also create a rooftop deck with the same ideas in mind. Who wouldn’t love the chance to enjoy a sunset view?

4. Create a seamless interior and exterior transition

If your client is someone that really loves spending time outside, then consider starting the deck inside their home to create a more seamless transition. This is an especially great idea for homes with sunrooms that connect to the deck. By creating a seamless transition, you can create an idea of indoor-outdoor living. That way, even during colder months, there is a little something to connect the home to the outdoors!

5. Create a playground area for kids

For families with small children, a playground is another great design idea to consider. Not only would it be something unique, but it will keep the kids in mind and give them their own area to have fun in. It can even be designed to grow with them so that it will always have a use. Bike ramps, sitting areas to roast marshmallows and bench swings are just a few ideas. Kids would love it and it could even help bring families closer together.

Decks no longer have to be simple and boring. These days, deck design options are endless and you can easily come up with a unique design your client will love. So, if your client finds themselves wanting something different, offer the design considerations listed above. Some of them may seem like simple changes, but they can have a big impact on the look and feel of a yard. Ideas like these are sure to renew their love of their outside space and bring in countless landscaping recommendations for you!

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