Four humorous marketing tactics for lawn care pros

Updated Apr 15, 2021

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Look, if it’s one thing that lawn care pros are better at in marketing than any other industry it’s using humor. And as someone who spends too much time looking into lawn care and lawn care companies, I have found some great examples of humorous lawn care marketing tactics. The crazy part is that they are very effective at garnering attention, both in person and online!

Here’s the deal, using humor is a great way to get attention, and when it’s done correctly, it can really help your lawn care business gain clients quickly. Today, I wanted to cover four humorous marketing tactics that lawn care and landscaping professionals can use to get their business noticed. These marketing tips can even be used in the off-season.

Tactic 1: Humorous company name

I know this one is not for everyone but there is no arguing the impact that humorous branding can have, and lawn care companies are great at humorous company names. When done right, these eye-catching company names can really help a lawn care company go viral. 

One of the best examples of this is Lawn and Order out of southern Alabama. This company has several photos of their trailer regularly circulating the internet, but this one raked up nearly 25,000 votes on Reddit. Their trailer is constantly publicized and is seen by hundreds of thousands across the internet, all for free! 

Tactic 2: A humorous slogan

Look, most people aren’t willing to dedicate their entire company name to a bit of comedy, but any lawn care company can use a funny slogan and still maintain a professional presence. And when it comes to humorous slogans, no one does it better than lawn care pros!

Photo: Lawn In OrderPhoto: Lawn In Order

Some great slogans are: 

  • Always on the cutting edge.
  • Mowing down the competition.
  • Leave the dirty work to us.
  • When the competition just doesn’t cut it.

There are countless others. The more creative you are, the better your chances are that more people will see what you do. My personal favorite is Lawn in Order’s slogan: â€śYou get a-rest, while we lay down the lawn.”

For those who are concerned about maintaining a professional appearance, Lawn In Order is a perfect example through and through. They designed a humorous name and slogan, their brand went viral and then they came out the other side looking better than ever. 

Tactic 3: Humorous social media posts

Photo: GrantlantaPhoto: Grantlanta

Whether it is part of your Facebook or Instagram marketing campaigns, humorous social media posts are loved by everyone. Memes are great, readily available pieces of content that anyone can enjoy! Lawn care and lawn mower memes are widely enjoyed by lawn care pros and homeowners. Almost everyone has used a weed whacker or had to cut a lawn before. So, memes and jokes about lawn care reach a wide audience. Most importantly, humor is universal, and we love to share what we love. So, naturally, humorous social media posts are more likely to be shared. Some of the most shared and favorited posts on social media are ones that use humor. 

For the best results, you can combine a humorous meme with an advertisement for your lawn care services. When it comes to using humor on social media, I have not seen anyone more dedicated than Grantlanta Lawn Care. They are always coming up with unique social media posts that combine their company brand with a bit of humor. 

Tactic 4: Humorous signageMark's Lawn Care window decal on the back window of a truck

By far, the most successful form of humorous advertising I have seen is catchy signs and slogans in real life. With the advent of the internet, it’s all too easy to overlook real-world marketing strategies like direct mail marketing and signage. And when it comes to signage, sometimes simple is better. 

One of the most viral lawn care photos I have seen is for Mark’s Lawn Care, another company in Atlanta. One photo of his simple truck signage has earned Mark’s Lawn Care hundreds of thousands of views online, with one Reddit submission getting him 50,000+ views!

What’s the bottom line?

Having effective advertising doesn’t always mean spending more. Using a bit of humor can garner your attention on the web, but it can also draw attention around town. If you use a bit of humor to draw attention to your company vehicles or lawn signage, more people will look, and you will likely attract more business. If you do it just right, your lawn care company can land tens of thousands of views or more for free, getting attention and earning new business for much less than other forms of advertising. Best of all, you can have fun while doing it!

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This article was written by Douglas Dedrick. Douglas is a landscaper with over a decade of landscaping experience, and currently operates his lawn care business Natural Landscape Designs in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. You can follow him on Twitter @LawnOrganic. Or

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