6 Hardscaping Products to Build On

Updated Jun 3, 2012
Belden Brick City Line pavers

Belden Brick offers complete line of pavers
Belden Brick makes both extruded and soft mud paver varieties, including City Line pavers with chamfered edges and the Belcrest series, which provides a cobbled, antique appearance. With their low water absorption and compressive strength, Belden clay pavers perform well in many applications including walkways, stairs, patios, terraces, courtyards and driveways.

Fire pits add flair year round
The Semco fire pit can serve as a planter in the spring, a fish pond, water garden or fountain in the summer, and as a toasty gathering spot in the fall and winter. Natural stone is used to create a custom-made fire pit as part of a patio or as a stand-alone feature.

Pave Tech debuts hardscape lighting
Ambiance by Paver Brights is the newest light in Pave Tech’s line of architectural hardscape lighting. The soft lighting works wherever you want to create inviting outdoor living spaces to be enjoyed at night. The light has frosted temper glass lens that defuse 1 watt LED lights encased in stainless steel housings, and is available in five standard paver sizes.

Nitterhouse boasts ‘no maintenance’ patio pavers
Allan Block wall block and Nitterhouse Masonry Products’ interlocking pavers and slate paving stones are available in both solid and blended colors and can be mixed or matched to create complementary or contrasting colors for seating walls, columns, patio areas and steps. One-piece column caps are also available for a finishing touch, and the block products can be used to build a matching outdoor fireplace or grilling station.

Wall units made of 100-percent recycled material
Millenia Wall Solution’s EW50 (1/2 square foot) and SC100 (1 square foot) retaining wall units provide strength and durability, while capturing the detail and beauty of natural stone. The lightweight polymer material saves on labor and transportation costs, and UV inhibitors ensure the wall doesn’t fade in the sun. The unit-to-unit connection adds to the wall’s durability.

Structural capabilities enhanced by aesthetic design
The new Keystone Compac Hewnstone wall unit features a rough cut and natural stone look. According to the manufacturer, its light weight and short tail design make it easy to handle for installers and an ideal choice for projects that do not require the deep embedment length of the Keystone Standard unit. The Compac Hewnstone is available in sculptured (tri-planar) or straight face options, as well as weathered finish options.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover