Crew tops wall with mesmerizing domino brick chain reaction

Brick Wall DominoesWorkers on a construction crew in Australia decided to have a little fun as they put the finishing touches on a block wall and the result has brought them a reasonable amount of internet fame.

It’s been hard to log onto Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., over the last few days without seeing the video below. In it, a crew has set up the bricks that will top a block wall to stand vertically. At first, you think, “What a waste of time just to knock over a bunch of bricks like dominoes.” But once the domino effect is over is when the real magic begins. Suddenly, the bricks all fall completely flat, finishing the wall with quite the flourish.

Now, as with any cool trick video on the Internet, many are calling this fake. But one particularly convincing YouTuber has provided the following explanation as to how these guys pulled this chain reaction off. Basically, they spaced the bricks just so, and let gravity do the rest:

And if you’re still thinking something fishy is going on here, here’s an alternate angle that shows the trick taking place from above the wall. Seems on the up and up to us. What do you think?

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