2022 sees rush of new compact excavators

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JCB excavator

Three months into 2022, multiple new models of compact excavators have been released.

Here’s a look at six of the newest machines hitting the market, and one concept electric excavator coming next year.

JCB expands its range with 50Z-1

Designed with a 100% steel body and zero tail swing, the JCB 50Z-1 provides power and control in confined spaces. It runs on a 43.3-horsepower engine, which the company says provides programmable auto-idle, auto-engine stop, and four different engine modes to reduce overall fuel consumption.

The 10,583-pound machine has a dig depth of 12 feet 7 inches and dump height of 14 feet, a significant increase of its predecessor, the 48Z. Maximum reach on the 50Z-1 is 19 feet 8 inches.

Like JCB’s larger X-series excavators, the 50Z-1 has a new 7-inch color display screen with an automotive-style rotary dial for screen navigation, including an on-screen health check with the first turn of the key. The 50Z-1 provides access to key machine information and operation with twin-locking hydraulic quick hitch and tool select, to make attachment changeover easier.

The cab on the 50Z-1 was engineered for operator comfort, floor space, reduced noise and vibration, according to the company.

In terms of maintenance, JCB added convenient access to daily check points, made the H-frame undercarriage easier to clean and boosted greasing intervals to 500 hours to help increase productivity and reduce downtime.


Dig and travel faster with Kobelco

Kobelco’s latest models, the next-generation SK55SRX-7 and SK455RX-7, share attributes of its Performance X Design concept for the company’s larger excavator models.

They each come in a 6-foot 5-inch-wide package with compact tail swing for operation in restricted spaces, such as urban and residential jobsites. Each machine also runs on a 37-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine and comes with a thumb bracket pre-installed on the standard arm. 

From an efficiency standpoint, when in S-mode (energy conservation), the two excavators operate using 26% less fuel when compared with H-mode, and an auto-deceleration switch is standard.

With a canopy, the standard counterweight model SK55SRX-7 weighs 11,817 pounds. With a cab, it weighs 12,147 pounds. The standard arm is 5 feet 7 inches long, but for jobs where additional reach is needed, you can spec a 6-foot 4-inch arm. It has a maximum digging height with the standard arm of 19 feet 6 inches. At ground level, the SK55SRX-7 reaches to 20 feet, and the maximum digging depth is 12 feet 9 inches.

The SK455RX-7 puts Kobelco into the 5-ton arena. It weighs 10,030 pounds with canopy and 10,300 pounds with cab. Get up and go is provided by a 37-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. With the standard arm of 5 feet 1 inch, you can reach a maximum height of 18 feet 10 inches. Max reach at ground level is 18 feet 8 inches ,and digging depth goes to 11 feet 3 inches.

Kubota U105 61f024cf84ca4 61f3fd677c8aeKubota

Kubota offers power in small packages

With its two newest machines set to be available this spring, the U10-5 and the K008-5, Kubota has a broad offering of 13 compact excavator models across the 1- to 8-ton weight classes. The joystick position and pattern have been standardized on the operator stations for all the company’s excavators.

The two latest machines are both powered by a by a 10.3-horsepower Kubota engine. Excavators aren’t typically known for speed, but both the U10-5 and K008-5 offer a top speed of 2.5 mph. Each provides easy access to the engine for routine maintenance and inspection.

The petite 2,646-pound U10-5 mini excavator took its bow at World of Concrete 2022. Sitting in the 1-ton range, the U10-5 offers nearly zero tail swing and hydraulic adjustable tracks that can shift from 30 to 39 inches to get into narrow spaces and optimize digging performance.

The machine offers class-leading bucket breakout force in the 1-ton space at nearly 2,400 pounds per foot. Dig depth has been increased by 3 inches from the previous generation to 5 feet 11 inches and the dig reach is 1 foot longer to 10 feet 11 inches.

Available at dealerships early this spring, Kubota’s K008-5 conventional tail swing compact excavator will replace the K008-3 model with several upgrades. The 2,315-pound K008-5 offers a high power to weight ratio. Adjustable track width allows the excavator to fit through narrow openings or can be widened for better stability while digging. The tracks can adjust down to 2 feet 4 inches and widen to 2 feet 10 inches. The K008-5 has a maximum digging depth of 5 feet 8 inches and a bucket breakout force of 2,205 pounds.

TB20e UR 61faa0cfe7105

Takeuchi launches new TB20e

The TB20e is the first battery-powered machine designed and built by Takeuchi and will be part of a full line of electric products in development.

Similar in performance to Takeuchi’s diesel-powered TB216 compact excavator, the TB20e is 100% battery-powered with zero exhaust emissions. Noise and vibration are also reduced.

The excavator weighs 4,255 pounds, has a bucket capacity of 1.34 cubic feet and a primary auxiliary flow of 9 gallons per minute. The maximum reach is 13 feet 4 inches, and the maximum digging depth is 7 feet 10.1 inches.

The cab features a completely new high-definition, multi-informational color display.

Like most electric equipment being introduced, Takeuchi says, the battery life will vary depending on the application and environment. When fully charged, the machine will run anywhere from four to eight hours.

Through a partnership with United Rentals, as of February, the first 100 units of the new TB20e were shipped and will be available for rental at select locations across the U.S.

Coming in 2023

CASECX15Electric Mini Excavator605835Case

Case Construction Equipment recently teased the launch of an electric mini excavator, the CX15 EV, for the North American market in 2023. 

The CX15 EV is a 2,900-pound compact excavator powered by a 16-kilowatt-hour electric motor. It features retractable tracks that get machine width down to 31 inches for going through doors and working in confined spaces. 

Its minimum-swing design allows it to work close to structures and obstacles. Depending on the application, the CX15 EV's battery will provide enough power to work through a full eight-hour day on one charge.

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