Volvo CE launches new electric compact excavators and wheel loader

Volvo Electric Compact Wheel Loaders and Excavators parked outside
The L20 Electric compact wheel loader and EC18 and ECR18 Electric compact excavators join the L25 Electric compact wheel loader and ECR25 Electric compact excavator in the Volvo electric machine lineup.
Volvo Construction Equipment

U.S. contractors can now pre-order any of Volvo Construction Equipment’s newest electric machines: the L20 Electric compact wheel loader and the EC18 and ECR18 Electric compact excavators.

The machines join the L25 Electric compact wheel loader and ECR25 Electric compact excavator â€” which are being delivered to North American customers in the coming weeks — in the Volvo electric machine lineup. Deliveries of the three newest models will begin in 2023, Volvo said in its announcement at the ACT Expo.

L20 Electric compact wheel loader

Smaller than the L25, the 9,921-pound L20 Electric compact wheel loader features a 1.8-ton payload, a parallel-type linkage (Z-bar linkage optional), a maximum dump height of 8 feet 2 inches and 100% parallel movements.

The company offers two battery pack choices: 33kWh or 40kWh. Users can expect up to six hours of active work per charge depending on the application. Volvo says the use of electric components reduces machine maintenance by 30%.  

The loader delivers significant reductions in noise, vibration and heat, as well as no exhaust fumes, the company says. Additional features include an automatic park brake with hill-hold functionality and a range of customizable work modes.

EC18 and short-swing ECR18 Electric compact excavators

The 1.8-ton EC18 and short-swing ECR18 Electric compact excavators deliver four hours of active work per charge (depending on the environment and task).

Both machines feature 2,900 pounds of breakout force and a maximum digging depth of 7 feet 4 inches for the short arm configuration, or 8 feet for the long arm. The ECR18’s ultra-short tail radius is ideal for confined spaces.

The operator experiences low noise levels, reduced vibration and heat, and fully enclosed and heated cab.

All three machines come with an integrated on-board charger, allowing them to charge from zero to 100% in under six hours using the J1772 AC Charging cable on a 240-volt outlet — the same plug and charging system on a typical electric vehicle.

With an optional off-board fast charger, the L20 Electric will fully charge in under just two hours, while the ECR18 Electric and EC18 Electric will charge up to 80% in under one hour.

Interested buyers can reserve an electric machine using the online reservation system. Machines reserved using the e-commerce tool will still be supported by the customer’s local Volvo dealer.

Volvo Toronto ZooThe lack of diesel fumes and low noise are great when working near animals or in residential areas, says Volvo.Volvo Construction EquipmentElectric machine performance

In an analysis of its L25 and ECR25 Electric machines, Volvo found that, because of factors like less maintenance and not paying for fuel, an ECR25 Electric compact excavator would increase costs on a two-week trenching project by 2% over the equivalent diesel model.

Despite the cost increase, some equipment owners may find that using electric equipment opens new opportunities to complete work in noise-sensitive areas and outside of standard hours, as well as low-carbon projects and indoors.

More E-mobility solutions

Volvo CE is firmly headed down the path of electrification and announced its commitment to electrifying larger construction equipment.  

The 22-ton EC230 Electric excavator, which is not yet commercially available, has already been used in pilot projects overseas and is coming to North America later this year for demos.

Diesel versions of Volvo’s compact equipment will eventually be phased out. 

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