Z Turf Equipment launches redesigned Z-Spray Stand-On Spreader Sprayers

Z-Spray Junior spreader sprayer
The Z-Spray Junior.
Z Turf Equipment

Recently, Z Turf Equipment unveiled its completely redesigned family of Z-Spray zero-turn stand-on spreader sprayers. The new machines give turf management professionals the productive, versatile, and maneuverable machines they need for the wide range of property types they maintain.

Z Turf Equipment product manager, Jonathan Guarneri, said while the new machines are clearly evolved from earlier Z-Spray models, they include new innovations to accomplish specific goals.

“We focused on four important areas in the Z-Spray redesign: machine dynamics, operator comfort, innovation, and durability,” Guarneri said. “Each of the improvements and innovations we made comes back to one of those four areas of focus.”

A low center of gravity design places the operator between the drive wheels, with the heaviest components placed low and centrally within the corrosion-resistant stainless-steel frame. The new design keeps machine balance and dynamics consistent, regardless of how much material is in the hopper and tanks. The new design also enables Z Turf Equipment to include a heavy-duty air filter on the engines of Mid and Max models.

The new bi-directional boom is capable of springing both forward and back, so there is less chance of snagging and damaging the boom when maneuvering in tight spaces. A patented foam marker activation system starts the foam marker and spray pump simultaneously whether using the toe switch or the panel-mounted rocker switch.

A contoured operator pad and revised control layout provide increased comfort and economy of motion. The operator platform is suspended by adjustable isolators to lessen the bumps and vibrations reaching the operator, and the hose reel has been relocated to the right side of the machines for easier access. Larger drive tires (24-inch on Mid and Max; 22-inch on Junior) provide a smoother ride over varying terrain.

The new Z-Spray machines are also designed to only need annual maintenance, with just one grease point. The patented flip-up hopper eases hopper cleaning and access to the engine for service. A patented magnetic operator pad removes easily, without tools, for access to the spray chart, or for service and maintenance. A new tank design leaves less leftover material in the tank and features a tools-free tank drain.

The complete 2023 Z-Spray line of spreader sprayers includes:

  • Z-Spray LTS –– Lean-to-steer; 9.5hp Kohler engine; 20-gallon tank; 175lb hopper
  • Z-Spray Junior –– Zero-turn; 16hp Vanguard engine; 24-gallon tank; 150lb hopper
  • Z-Spray Mid –– Zero-turn; 21hp Vanguard engine; 40-gallon tank; 250lb hopper
  •  Z-Spray Max –– Zero-turn; 21hp Vanguard engine; 60-gallon tank; 250lb hopper

Learn more about the Z-Spray machines and view the company’s complete line of commercial lawn care equipment at ZTurfEquipment.com.

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