Plow, trench, bore with Ditch Witch's new ride-on PT37

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Ditch Witch PT37 ride-on trencher
A Yanmar diesel engine provides gross 36.8 horsepower at 3,000 rpm for plowing, trenching or boring.
Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch has unveiled the PT37, a dedicated plow with an optional trencher, reel carrier and hydra-bore configuration that was reimagined based on customer feedback.

“The PT37 is based on a proven vibratory plow model that has been the preferred choice of many contractors for decades and remains in high demand for fiber installation,” said Brant Kukuk, Ditch Witch compact equipment product manager. “It combines the simple design and operation that users want with the next-generation innovation.” 

He said the machine is a simple, compact, and powerful utility machine that is ideal for irrigation and telecom projects.

The PT37 is powered by a 36.8-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. For a more comfortable ride, engine heat is designed to be pushed away from the operator. Also, steel doors cover the engine bay to keep debris out of the engine compartment and protect from tree damage. The plow is designed to provide down pressure to maintain consistent plowing up to 24 inches deep in a variety of conditions.

An adjustable side-facing seat allows the operator to see all four tires and the plow box while operating. The company said the PT37 is largely mechanical and features a simplified control display. Also, it requires less maintenance due to its simplified exhaust cleaning and fewer grease points.

With the ability to scale down to just 36 inches wide, the machine has a compact footprint that allows it to access tight workspaces. The tires, with a choice of 23 or 26 inches, cost less compared to a tracked machine and help minimize the impact on yards. An optional dual-wheel configuration provides added traction and stability.

Ditch Witch says the PT37 is designed for ease of use and storage. The foldable ROPS design allows users to keep the machine on a trailer for parking and storage in garages. 

To check out the PT37 in person, visit the Ditch Witch booth at the Equip Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky, October 19-21.

DSC06589With the ability to scale down to just 36-in. wide, the machine has a compact footprint that allows it to access tight workspaces.Ditch Witch

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