Bobcat reveals its new smallest telehandler, the TL519

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The new TL519 is the smallest model of Bobcat's telehandler lineup.

Contractors attending Equip Expo 2022 or Bauma 2022 were given a sneak peek of Bobcat Company's newest telehandler, the TL519. The machine is set to officially launch at ConExpo-Con/Agg in March 2023.

“This is going to be the smallest model in our telehandler lineup,” said Marty Miller, Bobcat product specialist. “It’s a little bit more than just your basic construction lift-and-carry machine.”

Other recently released models include the TL619TL723, and TL923 to round out the R-Series telehandler lineup.

“The nice thing about this machine, it's our most compact one,” Miller said, noting that the TL519 is only 72 inches wide and approximately 13 feet long. “It's a nice tight, compact machine.”

Bobcat's Power Bob-Tach mounting system gives it a wider range of attachments and applications.

“You’ve got a nice low cab clearance height so its fits in more places,” he said. The TL519 is approximately 7 feet high to the top of the cab's beacon. Larger machines may not fit in a chicken barn or parking garage, but the TL519 can. 

Also, the tightly packaged 72-inch width enables it to be hauled on smaller trailers, similar for hauling a skid steer or compact track loader.

"The TL519 delivers the power, extended reach and maneuverability that customers need to tackle big jobs on confined jobsites," said Bobcat Marketing Manager Drew Kolo.

Performance and productivity

The TL519 features a 74-horsepower engine, a two-speed hydrostatic transmission, and a standard Power Bob-Tach mounting system for swapping attachments without leaving the cab. The Tier 4 Final, turbo-charged engine delivers high torque and achieves emissions compliance without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or selective catalytic reduction. 

Miller said the TL519 offers all-wheel steer, crab steer, front-wheel steer and semi-crab steer.

It has five operation modes:

  • ECO – Maintains hydraulic performance without using the engine's full power, reducing rpms, noise and fuel consumption. 
  • Smooth Drive – For maneuvering across jobsites with mild acceleration and deceleration while carrying loads. 
  • Dynamic Drive – Increases the responsiveness of the telehandler's acceleration and deceleration for traveling between tasks. 
  • Advanced Attachment Control – Allows for full auxiliary hydraulic performance.

The telehandler has an independent throttle system called "flex drive." Normally, the telehandler runs like a car when you put it in gear. As you press the throttle down, the engine rpms go up, and your speed goes up. And when you let off, it slows down. 

However, with flex drive, even as your engine speed goes up and down, your attachment speed remains the same. Miller said the TL519’s hand throttle can set engine rpm. “The engine rpm stays the same, so if you've got a snowblower, you can kind of just inch along. If you let off the pedal a little bit, you don't lose the hydraulic flow,” Miller said. “That's one of those one-of-a-kind features that are new that we put it in all the R-Series.”

The feature enables Bobcat to move the telehandler beyond the typical forks and a bucket attachments. “Our customers kept wanting to do more,” Miller said. “When we introduced the telehandlers and started putting the Bob-Tach on, you get a lot more requests for that because now all of a sudden, there's a whole other line of attachments available.”

Bob-Tach has been featured on this size machine before, but now it's been made even easier to use from the cab, he says. It also features a seven-pin controller for running a snowblower, angle broom, soil conditioner, and other tools. 

"A few of those attachments show the versatility of this machine is kind of second to none," Miller said. “They don't know that they need it on a telehandler until they have it.”

The TL519’s larger cousin, the TL619, has Bob-Tach but not Power Bob-Tach, which is being worked on. For those who switch to snow removal in winter, adding a blade allows you to pile snow up higher using the telescoping boom. 

Miller noted that the TL519's maximum rated capacity is around 5,500 pounds, and its maximum lift height of 19 feet. 

“It’s got good lifting capacity, and along with that, you can push as you’re going up the hill and pile the snow higher,” he said. 

Bobcat Tl519Angle Broom81a980920220825KoThe cab of the TL519, which is easy to slide into, offers a suspension seat, HVAC, and an easy-to-read instrumentation panel.Bobcat

Comfort and operability 

Miller said the TL519 incorporates the Bobcat R-Series styling and enhanced visibility. 

The cab, which is easy to slide into, offers a suspension seat, HVAC and an easy-to-read instrumentation panel. 

A single joystick controls the travel direction, lift and tilt functions, boom extension, and auxiliary hydraulics providing operators with fine adjustment for lifting loads. Mille said it also allows operators to control several machine functions at the same time and from one control point.

On the front side of the joystick, he said, the directional switch for forward, neutral and reverse can be operated with the index finger. The two-speed travel switch, lift-arm float, boom extension, machine function settings and auxiliary hydraulics are on the rear of the joystick.

He noted that the low-profile boom sits below the operator's eye level to provide an open view of the surroundings. It also has front, top and rear window wipers. Mirrors are on the operator’s left and right. An optional rear mirror kit, rearview camera kit and boom work light kit also are available.

IMG3454On the TL519, routine maintenance points are accessed through a quick-release panel.Equipment World


Engine compartment accessibility via a quick release panel puts routine maintenance checks, filters and other engine components in easy reach, as well as the oil filter and other service points.

“What we're seeing more is, and the customer wants to know, is it something that they can easily do, or do they have to contact their dealer?” Miller said. Bobcat Machine IQ helps operators keep tabs on maintenance.

As with most machines, vital components are protected by bottom plates, and the engine and cooling systems are protected in the center of the chassis, ensuring minimal wear and tear due to jobsite obstacles or harsh terrain.


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