FAE upgrades DML/SSL Mulcher for skid steers and CTLs (Video)

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Designed for commercial and residential landclearing jobs, FAE’s upgraded DML/SSL forestry mulcher offers increased productivity while shredding shrubs and branches up to 5 inches in diameter.

The mulcher for 50- to 75-horsepower compact track loaders and skid steers is available in four models – the DML/SSL/VT, DML/SSL/BL, DML/SSL/SONIC or DML/SSL/BL/SONIC – with width options of 68 or 78 inches for each model. VT models are equipped with a rotor with fixed teeth, while the BL version offers a rotor with fixed bite-limiter blades. (Check out the video below to see it in action.)

A rotor with Mini C/3 teeth or with Mini BL blades can now be mounted to the DML/SSL. Both are ideal for using the Bite Limiter technology, says FAE. The Bite Limiter rotor comes with wear-resistant steel limiters that restrict the teeth’s reach (bite) so there is less power demand and a consistent working speed. The Bite Limiter technology also minimizes rotor stalling and optimizes fuel consumption, the company says.

New Spike Pro counter blades ensure better finishing of mulched material, and new interchangeable and adjustable skids boost precision. The frame and push frame on the units have also been redesigned for better visibility.

FAE’s Sonic technology, which automatically calibrates hydraulic settings between the carrier machine and the attachment, is optional. The Sonic system minimizes rotor stalling and shortens recovery time, thanks to the quick recovery of the rotor's rpm, FAE says.

For hotter climates, an optional integrated oil cooler is also available.

Other product features include:

  • Enclosed/anti-dust machine body
  • Motor enclosed in the frame
  • Interchangeable protection chains
  • Hydraulic hoses for connections
  • Mechanical adjustable guard frame
  • Anti-shock block valve with relief and anti-cavitation valves
  • Diverter valve 12 V
  • V-belts transmission
  • Hydraulic front trap door

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