Chicago area landscaping company deploys its first autonomous mowing robots this season

Sebert Landscape

Sebert Landscape, a full-service commercial landscape contractor serving Chicagoland and Southeastern Wisconsin, is among the first landscaping companies in the United States to add the innovative new RC Mowers Autonomous Mowing Robots (AMRs) to its fleet of efficient and inventive lawncare equipment.

“I’m so proud to be one of the first companies to deploy this new technology,” said Jeff Sebert, founder, and CEO of the Bartlett, Illinois-based landscaping company. “Our business model has always seen to it that we remain on the cutting edge of sustainability, innovation, and green technology. This self-driving mower will fit right in with our goal of taking a lean operational approach to landscaping. We want to make the most of every budget while still providing the best service for our customers using the most up-to-date technology.”

Sebert Landscape is one of the early adopters of the new AMRs, which were developed by RC Mowers, a manufacturer of robotic mowers in Green Bay, Wisconsin. RC Mowers announced the new technology last fall and began delivery of the state-of-the-art autonomous mowers in May.

“Since our establishment in 2018, it has been our ambition to introduce this product to our customers and we are thrilled to deliver on that promise,” said Michael Brandt, CEO of RC Mowers. “As part of our AMR customer experience, we conduct comprehensive training and certification programs for the customer's management and mowing staff to ensure safe and efficient operation of the Autonomous Mowing Robots."

Brandt noted that one operator can generate the same revenue as a crew of three, reducing reliance on labor while enhancing profitability. Mowing services, traditionally a landscaping company's primary revenue source, often yield minimal profits. The introduction of the AMRs presents an opportunity to address this challenge and increase overall operational efficiency.

The AMRs were developed by RC Mowers’ team of heavy-hitters from the military and aviation and robotics industries and are an attractive alternative for landscapers who look to new technology to improve their customer service.

Sebert said the adoption of the AMRs showcases the landscaping company’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and client satisfaction and solidifies its position as an industry leader paving the way for a greener and more efficient future. The AMRs will be deployed to a select group of clients who will be informed on what to expect from the self-driving mowers.

“We believe that landscaping companies that are early adopters of autonomous technology will have a competitive advantage over those who are struggling to hire enough workers,” Sebert said. “The companies who embrace autonomy will be able to grow and scale their businesses while allowing their best talent to do the high-value work they prefer.”

The AMRs are distributed through RC Mowers’ established dealer network throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. The new AMR line joins RC Mowers’ American-made powerhouse of remote-operated robotic mowers.

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