Bringing autonomous technology to tractors

Sabanto, Inc.

Sabanto, Inc. announces Steward, new technology transforming existing tractors to work autonomously, allowing users to redeploy their time and energy to the most important aspects of their operation.

Steward’s autonomous technology is simple to use, safety focused, and cost effective.

Users create, manage, and monitor field operations in real time via Steward’s Vehicle Mission Control (vMC™) ‌on their phone or tablet app.

The on-board Vehicle Path Finding Module (vPFM™) connects to a tractor’s steering, power, and hydraulic systems, and works together with the Vehicle Operating System (vOS™), converting Mission Control instructions into field operations.

Cellular connectivity, GNSS receivers, LIDAR sensors, and intelligent video cameras connect with Steward’s vPFM, sending and receiving navigational, performance and video data so users can monitor their field operations in real time, while object detection systems ensure Steward operates safely.

"We're just a bunch of smart farm kids and engineers helping other farmers, producers, and operators solve some of their most pressing problems: labor shortages, high capital costs, and scaling operations," said Craig Rupp, Sabanto's CEO. "With Steward, a single operator can deploy multiple tractors to achieve more with less, while also giving them time back to focus on other aspects of their operations."

Sabanto Steward is now available via select dealers across North America. Visit to learn more about the company, the technology behind Steward, book a demo, or keep up with news as the company expands its dealer network and product offering. 

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