Graze Robotics announces the pre-order launch of their robotic lawn mower

robotic mower on turf

Graze Robotics has announced the pre-order launch of their flagship commercial-grade robotic lawn mower (G3). Designed with efficiency and sustainability at its core, the new mowers come packed with advancements that promise to elevate the mowing experience.

The new mower offers a suite of exceptional features that bring significant value to enterprises:

Efficiency at Its Peak: With a wide 60" mowing deck and the capability of mowing 1.6 acres/hr, the mower promises timely job completions, ensuring businesses can handle more projects in less time.

Extended Operation Time: The mower boasts an impressive 8-hour runtime with an extensive battery life, ensuring that operations run smoothly with fewer interruptions.

Precision and Adaptability: The mower is equipped with 3 metal mulching blades that operate at 3000 RPM, ensuring a consistent and even cut. Furthermore, advanced sensors allow for mowing on varying terrains, making it versatile for all kinds of landscapes.

Safety and Connectivity: Graze prioritizes safety with a 360-degree optical suite and computer vision technology to detect and avoid obstacles. Additionally, the mower comes with an intuitive app for real-time monitoring, adjustments, and software updates.

"Today marks a pivotal moment for Graze as we introduce G3, one of the most advanced robotics systems on the market today," said Logan Fahey, CEO at Graze. "We are excited to offer our customers an opportunity to be among the first to experience the future of lawn maintenance. We believe that innovation, combined with sustainability, is the way forward, and our new mower is a testament to that."

Interested landscape business owners are encouraged to place their pre-orders promptly via the company's official website, given the limited availability in the initial release.

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