Husqvarna introduces battery powered chainsaw with a clutch for tree pros

Husqvarna chainsaws

Husqvarna has introduced the first battery-powered chainsaws with a clutch. With the power equivalent of a 40cc gas engine, the T542i XP and 542i XP chainsaws are "coming in clutch" and elevating the game of battery-powered performance.

With the introduction of the clutch, users experience a kick-start of energy at the beginning of every cut as the clutch engages. Users can cut up to 10 percent more when compared to Husqvarna's current professional 40 V battery chainsaw platform without the clutch feature. 

Equipped with a clutch, the new T542i XP and 542i XP provide the familiar feel of a gas-powered engine, but with a fraction of the noise and no fumes. With the average takedown of a tree requiring up to 40 pull-starts, the ability to start these saws with the push of a button means climbing arborists can maximize efficiency while on-the-job.

"These industry-first chainsaws are in direct response to the needs of professionals who demand innovations that enhance their workdays," said Alvaro Trinidad, VP/GM of Husqvarna Group North America. "The clutch enables users to experience a more aggressive response and enhanced capability while cutting."

Operating on Husqvarna's 40 V ecosystem, the T542i XP and 542i XP require minimal downtime for maintenance. Gone are the hassles of gas, air filters, and costly engine repairs. Husqvarna's innovative active cooling technology provides consistent power and longer battery life. An IPX4 rating ensures operation in most weather conditions.

Additionally, these chainsaws come equipped with SP21G X-Precision cutting equipment to further enhance the cutting performance of the chainsaw.

The T542i XP and 542i XP chainsaws are available now at your local dealer or at

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