Steel Green Manufacturing introduces the SGXL All-Granular

Sgxl All Granular Spreader Featured Image
Steel Green Manufacturing

Steel Green Manufacturing, a producer of spreader/sprayer equipment, now offers its SGXL as an all-granular spreader. The SGXL All-Granular is built off the same chassis as the SGXL sprayer, which now features stainless steel architecture.

The new SGXL All-Granular features a 350-pound stainless steel hopper. Its stainless steel side trays can carry up to 500 pounds of additional product, giving it a total capacity of 850 pounds. Thanks to its hydraulic power spinner motor, it can spread up to 25 feet wide, meaning operators can get their jobs done in fewer passes, less time, and with less gas.

“The SGXL All-Granular is built with efficiency in mind,” said Matt Smith, Steel Green cofounder and sales manager. “Here at Steel Green, we’re always looking for opportunities to make equipment that helps our customers do jobs quickly and well, and this new unit is a testament to that philosophy.”

For professionals seeking a two-in-one spreader/sprayer with a high capacity, Steel Green also offers the SGXL Granular Attachment Kit for the standard SGXL. This kit makes it easy to switch between liquid and granular capabilities.

Customers who purchase an SGXL and the SGXL Granular Attachment Kit from now until July 31, 2024, will receive an additional year on their warranty. Customers who already own an SGXL and purchase the SGXL Granular Attachment Kit from now until July 31, 2024, will receive a parts kit worth $750.

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