Sponsored Information: 2007 Snow Removal Supplement

Gary Hansen, vice president of Seattle-based Red Dot, recommends the following simple and inexpensive measures to get your trucks ready for the cold season.

Receiver-drier: The receiver-drier contains desiccant, a chemical that attracts and traps moisture. When desiccant becomes saturated, moisture in the system is free to combine with refrigerant and turn into corrosive hydrofluoric acid. The receiver-drier should be replaced once a year and the sight glass on the moisture indicator checked during an oil change or any scheduled maintenance procedure. A blue dot means the refrigerant is dry; pink, white or gray indicates acid or moisture in the system.

Ducts: Turn on the defroster and run your hand under the dash, feeling for air or leaks. Fill holes in the ducts with a compound or tape designed for heating systems.

Filters: Your HVAC system has at least one pleated paper or foam filter to capture impurities that can clog the heat exchangers and reduce the efficiency of the heating system. Most manufacturers recommend checking the filter every three months and replacing it with a filter that meets the original equipment specs.

Valves: Check the heater’s water valves to ensure they open and close completely and that the actuator cables aren’t stretched. Remind drivers that valves may be sticky after a season of disuse.

New Western WIDE-OUT snowplow
The Western WIDE-OUT adjustable-wing snow plow hydraulically extends its width and adjusts its configuration to effectively carry or windrow more snow. The plow can be anything from an 8- or 10-foot-wide straight blade to a scoop position width of nearly nine feet. The hand-held control unit features backlit push buttons for all blade and wing functions.

Fisher unveils snow plow advancement
The Fisher XLS allows the operator to expand and reconfigure the blade into several plowing positions without leaving the comfort of the vehicle. According to the manufacturer, the XLS can be anything from an 8-foot retracted straight-blade width to a 10-foot expanded width to a scoop width of almost 9 feet. The plow will fully angle in the scoop position to maximize plow handling and capacity.

Meyer introduces commercial plow
Meyer Products has extended its line of contractor-grade plows and moldboards to fit commercial vehicles like compact pickups and SUVs. The Drive Pro snow plow, weighing in at 350 pounds, is 221/2 inches tall, 6 feet 8 inches wide and has a 14-gauge steel moldboard so contractors can plow small areas easily.

Plows for commercial applications
Hiniker’s new 9000 series of high-performance trip-edge V-Plows provide improved performance and smoother operation in commercial applications. Twelve laser-cut ribs are incorporated into the high-tensile steel superstructure of the plow, providing strength for heavy-duty applications. All functions are controlled by a compact joystick that can be hand held or mounted in the cab.

System aids in road anti-icing
GVM Inc.’s ABS-800 is designed to convert dry rock salt, calcium or magnesium chloride flakes to liquid form for prewetting or anti-icing of roads. The pump, controlled manually or with a pump switch, transfers liquid from the wet end of the make tank to the storage tank and then on to the truck-mounted tanks.

Ventrac’s snow blower KX522
Ventrac’s snow blower KX522 is a two-stage unit manufactured to meet the heavy-duty demands of snow removal. The design features a 26-inch-tall and 52-inch-wide opening coupled to a 5- by 20-inch blower to move large amounts of snow in a small amount of time. Standard features include a double spiral saw-tooth auger, 220-degree rotation discharge chute and adjustable skid shoes.

Spreader applies large materials
EarthWay’s new 2130 high-output push broadcast spreader is designed for applying high volume or large particle size materials. The 2130 is ideal for spreading rock salt, dry sand or seed mulch pellets.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
Attachments Idea Book Cover