Roundup: Snow removal

Fisher unveils reconfigurable snow plow
The Fisher XLS allows you to expand and reconfigure the blade into several plowing positions without leaving the comfort of your truck. According to the manufacturer, the XLS can be anything from an 8-foot retracted straight-blade width to a 10-foot expanded width to a scoop width of almost 9 feet. The plow will fully angle in the scoop position to maximize plow handling and capacity, making it ideal for carrying large quantities of snow or plowing street curbs and sidewalks.

New tailgate salt spreader for Class 3 and 4 receiver hitches
With its 400-pound (6 cubic foot) capacity and low-profile design, the TGS 600 tailgate spreader from The Boss Snowplow is ideal for winter applications of dry free-flowing materials, such as salt and de-icers. The spreader fits Class 3 and 4 receiver hitches, and mounts/dismounts easily.

Snow blower attaches to skid steers
The Hydra Max snow blower, according to manufacturer Sheyenne Tooling and Manufacturing, is the first attachment of its kind in the snow removal industry to feature a smart valve and no serviceable parts. The snow blower attaches close to a skid steer for easy operation, good visibility and access to the cab. The right chute discharge allows the machine to throw snow alongside and behind the skid steer.

Bobcat scrapers save time and labor
The Bobcat super scraper and mini scraper remove mud, snow, ice and other packed-on materials from driveways, bike paths and other areas where buildup occurs. The scrapers break up the toughest materials, leaving behind a smooth surface for walking or driving. According to Bobcat, the scraper attachments are used in many settings including universities, construction cleanup and snow removal.

New Western Wide-Out snow plow
The Western Wide-Out adjustable-wing snow plow hydraulically extends its width and adjusts its configuration to effectively carry or windrow more snow. The plow can be anything from an 8- or 10-foot-wide straight blade to a scoop position width of nearly nine feet. The hand-held control unit features backlit push buttons for all blade and wing functions. The blade also has a trip-blade design with four trip springs for protection from hidden obstacles.

Turbo Technologies offers full line of sprayers
Turbo Technologies’ ice control sprayers are available in sizes from 30 gallons for ATVs to 1,600-gallon truck-mounted units. Optional electric pumps provide quiet operation, and integrated liquid transfer is standard on gasoline-powered units. Units can be equipped with spray guns for sidewalk and step applications.

Tackle winter weather with snow blower
Ventrac’s KX522 snow blower is a two-stage unit designed to meet heavy-duty snow removal demands. The machine features a 26-inch-tall by 52-inch-wide opening to move large amounts of snow quickly and efficiently, as well as adjustable skid shoes and the Ventrac Minute Mount system. Optional accessories include a 12-volt chute actuator.

The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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