Roundup – July 2009

Stihl blower receives accolades

The Stihl BR 500 backpack blower was recently named “cleanest running machine” in its class by the EPA. Designed with a simplified starting procedure for single-handed operation, it provides a comfortable weight, reduced vibration levels and a low starting force.

Husqvarna blower combines power, performance

The 180BF backpack blower from Husqvarna weighs less than 30 pounds and boasts an air speed of 201 mph. Its X-TORQ engine with E-TECH II emission control technology improves fuel efficiency by up to 60 percent, while reducing emissions by up to 20 percent. A 180 tube-mount model is also available.

Dual-purpose wheel blower

Parker’s Hurricane Ground Pack blower provides two tools in one machine. A flip of a lever diverts the power of a wheel blower to the 10-foot hose producing 395 cfm’s of power. This allows workers to clear under bushes, on patios and other areas traditional wheel blowers are unable to reach.

New backpack blowers from Dolmar

Dolmar’s backpack blower models, PB-7600.4 and PB-7601.4, feature an OHV 4-stroke low-emission, fuel-efficient engine with hi-volume airflow. Operators will appreciate the comfortable frame designed for even weight distribution, vibration-dampers to reduce fatigue, low operation sound and convenient controls.

Remove yard debris, standing water and more

Little Wonder blowers feature a centrifugal blower design that works with a reverse-inclined blade impeller to generate a greater volume of air, when compared with flat-blade designs. The four blower models feature steel-hub pneumatic wheels, and a comfortable cushion-grip, height-adjustable ergonomically designed handle.

Shindaiwa introduces new blower

The Shindaiwa EB8520 4-stroke backpack blower offers a new backpack frame and harness design for extreme operator comfort. Throttle cruise control allows for sustained “hands-off” operation, and 65mm and 74 mm nozzles offer the operator a choice between high air volume or high air speed.

Blower loaded with upgrades, professional features

Echo’s PB-755 offers better ergonomics, more performance and easier serviceability than previous models. Equipped with a 63.3 cc engine, it features a new hip throttle, straight-back frame, more flexible tube, better filtration and an improved elbow mechanism. Specifications include a 68-ounce fuel tank and 205 mph maximum air speed.

Efco blower features new look

The SA 3000 blower from Efco has a maximum air volume of 424 cfm and air speed of 157 mph. The VibCut anti-vibration system ensures operator comfort and machine durability. The SA 3000 is lightweight at 9.5 pounds, and converts to a vacuum to collect leaves and debris which are then finely shredded by its steel blade for reduced volume.

ET200 makes quick work of any job

The Ventrac ET200 turbine blower is designed to blow large volumes of air, and is much quieter than a conventional leaf blower. It can be used to blow leaves, light snow and remove debris from sidewalks, parking lots and other areas. The ET200’s powerful front discharge can be hydraulically rotated 360 degrees from the operator’s seat.

Turbine blower attaches to mowers

Grasshopper’s 700 and 900 series zero-turn mowers can help clean leaves and debris from congested areas with a turbine blower attachment. Turbine blowers offer 360-degree nozzle rotation – controlled from the operator’s station – making it easy to direct airflow up to 950 cfm at more than 150 mph for faster cleanup.

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