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Updated Feb 19, 2013


Get the most from your equipment

by Jennifer M. Holloway

Rubber or steel

Pro-Tech’s Switchblade plows can switch between a rubber and steel trip edge, helping snow removal professionals handle changing weather or site conditions without swapping plows. The rubber edge works well in wet, heavy snow conditions or with surfaces sensitive to the steel edge, which flexes when connecting with obstacles.




Disintegrate stumps

CE Attachments’ Edge stump grinder uses carbide steel teeth to break up stumps and grind them into wood chips. CE Attachments offers standard and high-flow models, and both can splinter stumps up to 45 inches in diameter and up to 12 inches below ground. Skid steer and three-point-mount models are available.








Flared wings

Hiniker’s VF Series of flare-wing trip-edge V-plows use deep-curl flared wings to clear thick snow from surfaces. Laser-cut ribs combine with a 2-inch steel torque tube for added strength. The series is available in 8 1/2- and 9 1/2-foot widths, and conventional level-top configurations are also offered. The pinch-free pivot point is 9 inches above ground level.




Dig without dirt

Danuser’s Wobble Auger digs holes with no loose dirt at the bottom or around the top, helping landscape professionals create a compacted hole ready for concrete. The auger will push through dirt, sand, clay, asphalt and compacted or embedded rock and can be used as a pilot auger for post drivers. The Wobble Auger is available in 4-, 6- and 9-inch diameters with a standard 4-foot length.





Adjustable chute deflector

Land Pride’s 25 Series snow blower has a working width of 84 inches. The SB2584 works with tractors with 43- to 103-horsepower engines, and an adjustable chute deflector is available to throw snow where needed. The chute’s opening is 12 inches at the base, and three skid shoe options are available with the SB2584.




Remove debris, set grade

Remove debris to prepare surfaces or set grade on new construction sites with SitePro’s Piranha Power Landscape Rakes from Worksaver. The Piranha features replaceable bearing housings, triple seal bearings, quick flip-up side shields, flip-up gauge wheels and a material-control bar. A choice of a 2-inch Sabre tooth or 1 3/4-inch carbide tooth rotor is available.




Adjustable tines

AIM Attachments’ pallet and utility forks are designed to fit all models of backhoes and loaders. The forks offer a low profile back frame to ensure maximum visibility and have a close center of gravity to maximize full lifting capacity. The forks have fully forged, heat-treated, adjustable tines to handle a variety of materials.




Throw snow 45 feet

John Deere’s SB72 snow blower uses a two-stage hydraulic blower to throw snow up to 45 feet and has a high-volume 25- or 36-inch shroud opening. The SB72H has an electric or electric-over-hydraulic, poly-lined chute and deflector, and both models are compatible with Deere skid steers and CTLs.




Tackle abrasive material

CP heavy-duty and severe-duty buckets from Paladin Construction Group are available in widths from 10 to 84 inches for excavators weighing up to 200,000 pounds. The buckets feature a circular torque tube design to enhance strength, and one-piece T-1 curved side cutters and side wear pads protect the bucket sides from premature wear. A 3/4-inch-thick abrasion resistant double bottom provides a hard barrier between the bucket and the material.




Use mower in winter

Grasshopper’s DriftBuster snowthrower uses the company’s QuikConverter system to attach to any Grasshopper FrontMount power unit, providing landscape professionals a winter option for their mowers. The DriftBuster combines a high-speed auger, heavy-duty scraper blades and a 180-degree discharge spout that can throw snow up to 30 feet.




Lift, latch system

JRCO has a new lift and latch system for its Tine Rake dethatcher attachment that removes embedded thatch and leaves and combs matted turf grass while mowing. All widths come standard with a heavy-duty dual-latch bar and lift and unlatch system. JRCO has conversion kits for older generation dethatchers.




Snow removal for tight quarters

Bobcat’s snowblower attachment clears snow from driveways, sidewalks and narrow spaces where only loaders can fit. Bobcat uses a chain and sprocket system for chute rotation to eliminate frozen cables, and a truck loading chute is optional.




Spring-loaded edges

Sectional Sno-Pusher, part of Arctic Snow and Ice Control Products, has a line of LD pushers for use with lighter-duty compact equipment like backhoes, skid steers, compact loaders and tractors. The moldboard design consists of 32-inch-wide individual sections, each with spring-loaded trip edges to dip and rise independently. LD pushers are available in four sizes from 8 to 14 feet.




Push, plow, blow

Case Construction Equipment’s “snow-fighting” attachments for its Alpha Series skid steers include six hydraulic-angle snow blades from 60 to 108 inches, four snow buckets ranging from 84 to 108 inches wide and four snow-push attachments ranging from 72 to 120 inches wide. Additionally, four trip edge snow blades in sizes from 72 to 119 inches come with choice of poly, rubber or steel edges, and Case offers 11 snow blowers.




Remove debris

The Toro grapple rake attachment removes yard waste such as trees, roots and rocks, as well as construction and demolition debris. The attachment, compatible with Toro Dingo compact utility loaders, is 34 1/2 inches wide and includes two hydraulic cylinders.




Adjustable blade

The FFC V-Blade, by Paladin Construction Group, attaches to skid steers and compact wheel loaders up to operating weights of 13,200 pounds. It adjusts to achieve straight, left/right, scoop or a V-position and comes in blade widths from 60 to 120 inches. It has a reversible cutting edge and fully adjustable skid shoes.




Small, large hydraulic systems

General Equipment’s Dig-R-Tach line can be used with both small and large hydraulic systems. The 671 Dig-R-Tach Series 16 earth-drilling attachment is ideal for smaller hydraulic systems, whereas the Series 24 is designed for larger hydraulic systems found with backhoes and excavators. Featuring a two-speed chain/sprocket drive and a 5 to 20 gpm hydraulic flow range, the Series 16 balances smaller flow volumes in proportion to auger diameters.





Electric power

The SnowEx SP-1575 bulk pro spreader, ideal for maintaining roads, parking lots and driveways, handles bulk materials such as salt, straight sand or sand/salt mixtures. Entirely electric powered, the SP-1575 features a modular, powder-coated steel frame with a high-density, UV-protected ply material hopper. It also has a two-stage auger system and vibrator/inverted “V” flow system.


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