Product roundup: Wright to introduce ‘Sport I’ at GIE+EXPO

Updated Sep 7, 2016
With a fold-away seat, the new compact mower is equipped for both stand-on and seated operation. Photo: Wright ManufacturingWith a fold-away seat, the new compact mower is equipped for both stand-on and seated operation.
Photo: Wright Manufacturing

Wright Manufacturing will introduce a new 36-inch mower at GIE+EXPO. Called the “Sport Intensity,” or Sport I, the new compact mower is based on Wright’s Stander I and has all the features of that stand-on mower but with the choice of stand-on or seated operation.

The Sport I’s fold-away seat is positioned so the operator can step off for quick exits or to remove debris, and the mower stops immediately. An operator presence switch on the foot platform stops the blade and engine, and the control levers return to the neutral position when the operator lets go.

The Sport I is available with an 18.5, 19 or 22-horsepower engine, each of which delivers a top speed of 8.2 miles per hour. The machine is covered by Wright’s two-year limited warranty.

Wright’s floating “AERO-CORE” deck on the Sport I tilts side-to-side and front-to-back, enabling the mower deck to follow terrain contours more effectively. Wright Manufacturing says the deck also improves weight distribution for better handling on hills. The deck height can be adjusted “on the fly” in quarter-inch increments, and anti-scalp rollers automatically adjust the deck height to changes in terrain.

Recessed caster wheels reduce the mower’s turning radius, the company says.

Wright says the new Sport Intensity will be available for a test drive at the company’s outdoor booth, 7624-D, at GIE+EXPO. The trade show begins with Dealer Day on Oct. 19 and opens to all industry participants Oct. 20-21 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville.

Cushman launches ‘Hauler’ UTV lineup

Landscaping crews working in noise-sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools may want to check out the new line of “Hauler” utility vehicles from Cushman, a Textron Specialized Vehicles brand that is popular among golf course superintendents.

The manufacturer says the new Hauler 1200, Hauler 1200X, Hauler PRO and Hauler PRO-X feature a truck-inspired design, practical dash, large bed and a wide variety of accessories.

When customizing the new Hauler UTV, you can choose from a sound-dampening 12-cubic-foot, roto-molded polyethylene bed, or upgrade to the 15-cubic-foot fully aluminum bed for extra space. The standard poly bed includes integrated divider slots to allow for customizable storage. The aluminum bed features an L-track bed system that can accommodate hooks and brackets for tie-down locations and space-saving accessories.

New features of the Hauler UTVs include:

  • A standard rear hitch receiver.
  • Upgraded premium turf tires that provide traction without damaging turf.
  • Optional power dump for heavy lifting.
  • A unique storage pocket and net within the poly bed to store small equipment.
  • Optional 12V or USB outlets to ensure tablets and smartphones don’t lose power.
A Cushman Hauler PRO on the green at Sage Valley Golf Club. Photo: Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.A Cushman Hauler PRO on the green at Sage Valley Golf Club.
Photo: Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.

All Hauler PRO and Hauler PRO-X models are equipped with a 72-volt AC electric drive that can go 50 miles on a single charge. In addition, the Hauler PRO can be equipped with an optional “IntelliBrake” system. The patented system encompasses two technologies: a motor brake that automatically slows the vehicle when traveling up or down steep grades, and a parking brake that automatically engages when the vehicle stops.

This system also delivers full-time regenerative braking, redirecting energy back into the vehicle’s batteries whenever the brakes are applied, recharging the batteries during use and further extending the vehicle’s energy efficiency and range.

The new lineup of Hauler UTVs’ dash centralizes the control panel, which houses everything from the directional key switch and standard horn to the optional state-of-charge meter and bed-lift switch.

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