CASE SV340 skid steer is most powerful in the line

The SV340 is CASE’s largest skid steer and offers considerable power. Photo: CASEThe SV340 is CASE’s largest skid steer and offers considerable power.
Photo: CASE

CASE arrived at GIE+EXPO looking to stand out from the crowd by unveiling its largest skid steer and its line of sectional snow pushers.

We told you about the new CASE snow pusher in August. Now it’s time to talk about the SV340 skid steer, which is CASE’s most powerful skid steer to date.

Featuring a bucket breakout force of 9,531 pounds and a rated operating capacity of 3,400 pounds, the machine is strong enough to handle the work on most any landscaping jobsite.

The SV340 is a vertical lift model that comes with optional high-flow (38.7 gpm at 3,450 psi) and enhanced high-flow (35 gpm at 4,000 psi) auxiliary hydraulics for attachment versatility.

Powered by a 90-horsepower FPT engine with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), the SV340 eliminates the need for a diesel particulate filter and is able to run cooler and with greater fuel efficiency thanks to SCR.

The SV340 comes with 14-by-17.5 tires and additional counterweights that allow it to use attachments such as tree spades and stump grinders. It is also compatible with more than 250 attachments, including CASE’s new sectional snow pushers.

Operators can use the skid steer’s EZ-EH (electro-hydraulic) controls to switch between nine adjustable speed and control sensitivity settings at any time. These settings can be personalized for specific job applications. When working on jobsites with numerous operators and preferences, a single rocker switch lets the user shift between the CASE “H” operating pattern and ISO pattern controls.

The SV340 also includes Ride Control, which cushions loader arm movement to ensure greater material retention and a smoother ride.

To provide better visibility, CASE’s new skid steer has one of the widest cabs in the industry and has cab-forward design with ultra-narrow wire screens to provide 360-degree visibility and sight lines to the bucket edge/curb lines.

Rear visibility has been improved with a large rounded rear window. Front and side lights are included for working in low-light conditions.

For maintenance, operators can access the engine, fill points and all other service points through a single point of access at the rear of the machine.

For more information about the SV340, click here.

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