GIE roundup: Greenworks Commercial debuts new chain saws

Photo: GreenworksPhoto: Greenworks

Greenworks Commercial presented two new chain saws during the 2019 GIE+EXPO.

Times have changed since Greenworks first arrived at GIE. Kevin Gillis, vice president of product development with Greenworks, says that eight years ago people were snickering at the brand and now the growth with battery products is in the double digits.

The GS 181 chain saw was one of the new products presented at the show. This is Greenworks’ most powerful chain saw to date. The company says the 18” Oregon bar and chain is up to the task of felling heavy trees or cutting firewood.

“The GS 181 has a shock-and-awe effect as soon as you turn it on,” says Tony Marchese, commercial business unit head for Greenworks America.  “The combination of the 2.5 kW motor and 11,500 RPM chain speed delivers true gas-replacement performance without any of the noise, fumes or emission concerns. Without exception, when we demo this saw with landscape pros and arbor professionals, it always leaves them speechless.”

Greenworks says its new top handle chain saw is ideal for arborists. Photo: GreenworksGreenworks says its new top handle chain saw is ideal for arborists.
Photo: Greenworks

The GS 181 is comparable to a 55cc gas performance. It is powered by Greenworks 82-volt lithium-ion battery. It has 50 percent less noise and five times less vibration than gas equivalent products.

This product will be available in January 2020 with an MSRP of $349. It has a two-year warranty.

Greenworks also introduced a new top handle saw, the 48TH12 48-volt 12” chain saw. This model is 30 percent lighter than gas models and is built for arborist operations. It is the first product to feature the 21700 lithium-ion battery cells, which provide more power and a lighter weight to users. These have longer life and improve run time.

“Arborists that demoed this tool raved about how the new 21700 battery cells extended the run-time and increased the power, providing performance that exceeded all of their expectations,” says Marchese. “While the tool comes standard with a 12” bar and chain, we will offer both 10” and 14” options that can be modified at point-of-sale in the dealer channel, providing pros with a new degree of customization in our top handle offering.”

This model will also be available in January 2020. It has a two-year warranty and a MSRP of $499.

Landscapers can find Greenworks products through the Carswell, Carswell OEI, Conniff, Edney, PACE, Celtic, GC Duke, EFS, LL Johnson and Steven Willand independent dealer networks.

Steel Green Manufacturing reveals new spreader/sprayers

Steel Green made its debut at last year’s GIE with three zero-turn spreader/sprayers. It has returned this year with improvements made in response to customer feedback.

Some of those changes include a heavier-duty spray boom that is angled to prevent the accumulation of product on the boom. A new dual boom attachment allows operators the ability to spray high volume with one set of nozzles and low volume out of the second set of nozzles. This lets landscapers apply liquid fertilizer while spot spraying for weed control at the same time.

Photo: Jill Odom/Total Landscape CarePhoto: Jill Odom/Total Landscape Care

In response to customer comments, Steel Green is changing its fuel tanks from black to a clear color for improved fuel level visibility. Likewise, the spray tanks feature tethered lids and a lighter tank color for improved visibility.

A stainless-steel fertilizer deflector system allows operators to have increased perimeter efficiency and directional control. It has a smoother operating cable and lockable up and down feature.

The control panel has also been simplified with better ergonomics. A USB port has been added to the machines as well.

“From the day we started Steel Green Manufacturing, we have had our ears to the ground listening for what lawn care operators want from spreader/sprayers,” says Brent Mills, general manager of Steel Green Manufacturing. “We built machine prototypes based on the expressed needs of lawn care operators, and when we unveiled them at the GIE+EXPO last year, we welcomed criticism. We returned from the expo and considered all of the feedback. Instead of rushing to production on a machine that was good enough, we took the time to implement changes that would improve the operators’ experience. Our 2019 models were great machines, but we have continued to listen to customer feedback and made some additional improvements to our 2020 models.”

The SG52 is the largest model and can hold 60 gallons of liquid and 325 pounds of granular product. The SG46 can hold 30 gallons of liquid and 325 pounds of granular product with the 225-pound hopper and fertilizer trays.

The SG36 can fit through a 36-inch gate and can hold 30 gallons of liquid and 225 pounds of granular product.

SnowEx introduces Helixx poly hopper spreader

For landscapers uncertain about entering the sprayers and liquids side of the business in snow and ice management, SnowEx has introduced the Helixx system as a multifaceted product that allows operators to spread, pre-wet and spray with one machine.

Photo: SnowExPhoto: SnowEx

The system uses a helix or corkscrew shape that allows for more efficient spreading. According to SnowEx, whether the Helixx system is spreading 100-percent salt, 100-percent sand or a mix, it is designed to prevent clogs and provide a superior flow.

The corkscrew runs the length of the poly hopper with variable flights. The multi-dimensional tub has strategically placed ribs/angles to optimize material flow and even unloading.

SnowEx says that the cab forward hopper design has a better payload distribution, reducing stress on the truck. The hopper is supported by a stainless-steel frame that is designed to provide greater durability. Fork pockets are built into the legs for quick installation and removal.

The Helixx is designed for full-size pickups, flatbed trucks or dump-bed trucks. It comes in four different models with its capacity ranging from 1.5 to 5.0 cubic yards. Three spinner height adjustments, which are standard on the two largest models, allow the spreaders to achieve a consistent spinner height of 18 to 22 inches off the ground.

A dual variable-speed control allows independent adjustment of spinner and Helixx speeds for precise material delivery, whether at low or high output. Other standard features include dump switches, a flip-up and removable chute, tarp cover, top screen, vibrator and work light.

Pre-wet tanks, a pump and set of boom-less nozzles are available as accessories for operators wanting to turn the poly hopper into a triple threat.

MultiOne upgrades 2.3 series mini loader

MultiOne has upgraded its 2.3 series mini loader in response to customer feedback and internal engineering advances.

The company says the 2.3 series has been a favorite of landscapers and lawn care professionals thanks to its minimal width, power-to-size ratio and available attachments. The upgrades include an electronic fuel injection system, redesigned frame and various changes to parts.

EFI will come standard on the machine, allowing it to start with ease in cold weather, making it suited for snow removal. Advanced sensor technology allows the engine to optimize its performance based on the operating conditions. The EFI technology will also reduce fuel consumption and lower engine noise and emissions.

The series also has a longer wheelbase for better equilibrium, stability and lifting capacity. The hydraulic system has been re-engineered as well for improved lifting and handling.

The fuel tank has been redesigned to be bump and crash resistant. The machine as a whole has a more rigid frame and the attachment plate allows for increased force and widened operational angles.

A Kohler EFI ECV749 engine replaces the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 8270 that powers the current 2.3 series.

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