Snow product roundup: Fisher, Western and SnowEx introduce new plows and hoppers

Photo: FisherPhoto: Fisher

At the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Fisher Engineering unveiled a number of new products, including its all new v-plow, the EZV.

Fisher says this plow was designed for both homeowners and contractors, as it has a high-strength, low alloy steel, that makes it ideal for half-ton trucks such as the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado.

The EZV has a blade width of 7’6” in straight blade mode and a blade height of 26” at the center up to 33” at the outer edge, making it well-suited for clearing smaller job sites.

The plow is available with stainless steel or powder-coated steel.

“Something we’ve heard from our customers over the years has been to add a v-plow to our equipment offerings that works for half-ton trucks,” says Tyler Jones, product manager for Fisher Engineering. “And we’re proud to finally be able to offer the EZV v-plow to those homeowners and contractors that need a more compact option.”

It has a trip-edge that protects the plow from striking hidden objects and InstaLock double-acting cylinders that allow for clean back dragging.

Fisher also introduced three new Storm-Boxx steel-edge pusher plow models. The new plow sizes are 12’, 14’ and 16’.

These plows are built for larger pieces of construction equipment to move large amounts of snow. They have interchangeable attachments that allow them to be attached to various pieces of equipment in a fleet.

Minute Mount 2 allows plows to be attached to tractors. Photo: FisherMinute Mount 2 allows plows to be attached to tractors.
Photo: Fisher

The steel trip-edge is designed to provide a cleaner scrape on hard-packed snow and ice. Floating attachment plates smooth out bumps and keep the pusher in contact with the surface at all times.

“For a product launch like this, we really mean it when we say it’s bigger and better,” Jones says. “These new models are of course wider and larger but are also built with features that provide great performance along with the flexibility to accommodate various pieces of equipment within a fleet. We’re looking forward to seeing them in action.”

The company also expanded its Steel-Caster line of hopper spreaders with two new models. The 0.7 cu yd stainless steel hopper spreader is built specifically for half-ton and light-duty trucks and the 0.35 cu yd stainless steel hopper is meant for UTV and compact truck applications.

Both models have dual variable-speed control for more precise material delivery. The 0.7 model has a 5-foot long hopper and up to 30 feet of spreading width. The 0.35 spreader has a 3-foot long hopper and a spreading width of 20 feet.

In response to customer demand, Fisher has added Minute Mount 2 attachment kits for tractors, enabling users to attach plows for non-truck applications. With this kit, users can easily attach heavy-duty straight blades, v-plows and winged plows to tractors.

“Fleet interchangeability, comfort and high efficiency are on the top of our customers’ priority lists,” Jones says. “We’re proud to offer these new mount kits, so that tractor operators can enjoy the benefits of Fisher’s broad line of premium snowplows and their enhanced efficiency when paired with a tractor.”


Western Products also had a number of plows and spreaders to show off.

Pile Driver plow Photo: WesternPile Driver plow
Photo: Western

Western added three new pusher plows to its Pile Driver line up, with sizes ranging from 12’, 14’ and 16’. It is interchangeable with various pieces of equipment within a fleet and is well suited for wheel loader applications.

It has a trip edge for clean scraping and floating shoes keep the cutting edge level on uneven surfaces.

Another plow Western rolled out was the Enforcer v-plow, which is available in stainless steel or powder-coated steel. It is designed for half-ton trucks like the GMC Sierra 1500 and Toyota Tundra, as it is lightweight. It has a blade width of 7’6″ in straight blade mode and 6’9″ in v-mode.

Users can choose between LED or dual-halogen Nighthawk headlamps. Accessories include a shoe kit, blade stops, AR400 steel curb guards, 10” rubber deflector and more.

Western also has two new stainless-steel hopper spreaders. The Western Striker has 0.7 cu yd and 0.35 cu yd models, meant for halt-ton trucks and UTVs, respectively.

Photo: WesternPhoto: Western

“This isn’t just sized down to fit a different truck,” says Doug Clark, product manager for Western. “We purposefully designed this new 0.7 cu yd Striker spreader for light-duty applications and smaller spaces. Now, contractors will have more options and ways to attack the challenges that snow and ice bring.”

The stainless steel, riveted construction provides a lightweight but durable design for its intended vehicle. Contractors have the option of adding a pre-wet and direct liquid application kit to the 0.7 model.

Western released the UltraMount 2 attachment kit, which allows users to attach their heavy-duty straight blades, v-plows and winged plows to tractors.

A removable push beam allows for easy installation and removal of the plow. Also, with this attachment kit, there is no need for the operator to completely uninstall the mount when reattaching the loader system.


Expanding on the Helixx hopper spreader that was shown off at the 2019 GIE, SnowEx is now offering a stainless-steel version.

Photo: SnowExPhoto: SnowEx

The Helixx hopper spreader is designed with a corkscrew that runs the length of the hopper ensuring optimized unloading of salt. It is also built to deliver better payload distribution to reduce stress on the truck.

A dual variable-speed control allows independent adjustment of spinner and Helixx speeds for precise material delivery, whether at low or high output. It also features no-blast startup, auto-reverse and it integrates with accessories for simple plug-and-play operation.

When users add the pre-wet and direct liquid application kit, Helixx has the ability to spread, pre-wet and spray with one machine. Helixx also extends beyond the hopper and into the patented pre-wet mixing chamber to help prevent leaking/spilling during transport while providing an ideal location for pre-wetting material.

It is compatible with full-size pickups, flatbed trucks or dump-bed trucks. It has five models with capacities of 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.5 and 6.0 cubic yards. It can achieve a consistent spinner height of 18 to 22 inches off the ground, regardless of the vehicle type.

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