Equipment roundup: Hustler Turf introduces 2021 ZTR lineup

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Photo: Hustler Turf EquipmentPhoto: Hustler Turf Equipment

Hustler Turf Equipment recently announced new product updates for 2021.

The company updated its FasTrak, Super S, X-ONE commercial units, and Hustler launched its VX Deck, which the company says offers a clean mow and superior after cut appearance.

“The industry is seeing a larger push for productivity on the commercial front and we know spending less time mowing is also critical,” says Adam Mullet, vice president, sales and new products for Hustler Turf. “The 2021 lineup addresses the needs of both residential and commercial users who want to get more done in the day.”


Now designed for commercial use, Hustler Turf says the FasTrak makes quick work of expansive areas with its 23” BigBite rear tires. The upgraded zero-turn also comes equipped with Kawasaki FT Commercial V-twin Engines, which includes a vortical air filtration system.

The company says the FasTrak now has Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 transmissions, and the horsepower ranges from 22 HP to 27 HP across 48”, 54” and 60” model options. Also available on the 54” and 60” is the Kohler 7500 EFI engine with 27 HP. Hustler Turf says it also offers an improved four-year, 750-hour warranty on the upgraded FasTrak.

Super S

New for 2021, Hustler says larger drive tires, more power and an enhanced deck are all featured on the Super S. The company says the completely refreshed Super S now boasts a Kawasaki FX850 EFI option, VX deck and ergonomic tower and controls. The company says the mower also comes with 24” drive tires (20” on the 36” deck), a push button deck lift handle and a new foot pan suspension system.

“The new controls add to operator comfort for all-day mowing,” says Mullet. “And, with larger drive tires, more horsepower and a brand-new deck design, this stand-on can compete with any in the industry.”


The company says the 2021 X-ONE saw three major updates starting with more horsepower with a Kawasaki FX850 EFI and a brand-new deck design.

Built for the full-time commercial landscaper to provide all day, everyday performance, Hustler says the X-ONE offers a choice of carbureted or fuel-injected engines and a selection of side or rear-discharge decks. The company says contractors can power through their day with Parker unitized 12cc/rev pumps.

VX Deck

Rounding out the new products for 2021 is the VX deck, which the company says was engineered for extreme vacuum power. As a result, Hustler says the deck more efficiently draws the grass up into the mower blades providing a cleaner cut, which creates a superior after cut appearance.

The company says a reduced inner front wall height allows grass to stand back up, and a wider opening from the front wall to the blade provides better grass throughput and a wider, more even clipping dispersal.

Curb Roller Manufacturing offers custom drums

Curb Roller Manufacturing says it can now make challenging concrete pours achievable with specially designed custom drums.

Leveraging the experience and success the company encountered with the launch of the curbing machine and custom drum shapes, Curb Roller says it ventured into a new area where their shaped concrete expertise could improve efficiency, reduce labor and boost productivity. The company says the custom solutions pair with the Curb Roller’s Hydra-Screed 3000 to allow for faster production times and a superior-quality finish on projects that would normally require multiple pours.

Photo: Curb Roller ManufacturingPhoto: Curb Roller Manufacturing

“Having worked as a concrete contractor for a number of years, I have firsthand knowledge of the complexity that accompanies pouring a concrete spillway or flume,” says Seth Ulmer, Curb Roller Manufacturing sales manager. “Some of these projects can seem completely impossible. At Curb Roller, we strive to make the impossible not only possible but profitable as well. Our custom drum designs enable contractors to complete a challenging pour without having to break it into multiple parts. It’s an ideal solution to accelerate productivity and minimize labor.”

The company says the custom rollers are suited for unique shape requirements or large pours on jobs like drainage systems or spillways. The company says the team at Curb Roller designs the drum to exact specifications, working with the project engineers to make sure the drum meets all project requirements. The company adds that drums are built to spec and are usually created in a month or less depending on shape and size.

“A Curb Roller custom drum reduces labor requirements and time on projects, while also creating an increase in overall profitability on those challenging jobs,” says Ulmer. “The drums are used on anything from street work, medians and v-gutters, to flume and other specialty applications. The single pour approach eliminates the need for construction joints, doweling and pinning, and reduces the need for additional forming.”

Operators pair the custom drum with the Hydra-Screed 3000, Curb Roller’s two-operator hydraulically powered screed system that allows for continuous pours in applications like flatwork, flumes and more. The Hydra-Screed achieves job completion in half the time of alternative hand shaping methods and offers removable drive ends to quickly change different lengths of pipe or profile shapes.

Curb Roller says its custom drum solutions can be applied to applications as wide as 26 feet and as deep as 4 feet and can be created in a variety of shapes to meet job specifications. The company says custom solutions have been used on projects by concrete and DOT crews across the globe.

Aquascape introduces new smart pond thermometer

Aquascape, Inc. says it has enhanced its smart control product offerings with the smart pond thermometer.

Photo: AquascapesPhoto: Aquascapes

The company says pond owners can now monitor their water feature’s temperature from anywhere at any time using the Aquascape Smart Control App on a smartphone or tablet. The company says the thermometer uses current and accurate temperature readings to accommodate fish feeding schedules, water treatment changes and more.

“The Smart Pond Thermometer makes it easier than ever to manage a pond during the changing seasons,” says Dave Kelly vice president of product development for Aquascape, Inc. “Convenient alerts in the Smart Control App remind pond owners when it’s safe to feed their fish and when to adjust water treatments for colder temperatures.”

The company says easy integration with the Smart Control App also allows users to create dynamic triggers signaling other smart products in their pond based on temperature readings.

Aquascapes says the sturdy, spherical probe extends 20 feet from the display, is weighted to sink and can withstand subzero weather, registering temperatures between -20 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The company adds that a digital display panel on the product shows temperature readings without the use of a tablet or smartphone.

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