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This or that: A houseplant for every room
Beth Hyatt | January 12, 2018
windowsill of plants books and tea

Photo: Pixabay

For customers who spend a good deal of their time indoors, you may find that they are wanting to spruce up the joint with something green.

Beautiful plants don’t just belong outside, and there are many customers on your list who would love to bring their green paradise into every room of their homes.

While it may seem like an easy task to choose a few plants, throw them in a container and place them all around a home, there’s actually a lot more thought that goes into it than your customers might imagine.

Just as some trees can be used as a sculptural centerpiece in a backyard, large specimen plants can serve as focal points within large indoor areas. Along with adding a beautiful focal point to a room, indoor plants can also help create depth and space in an area. Large, open spaces can make people feel vulnerable, but plants are able to break up a room into more intimate spaces.

Indoor plants can also help with adding much needed color pops, acoustics, mental and physical health and much more.

Your customer’s enjoying plant life indoors is just as important as them enjoying what’s planted in the landscape. With this in mind, experts at ProFlowers have compiled a list of plant recommendations that can adorn each room of a home and the benefits of them being there.


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