Rayco introduces the RC 16.5 brush chipper

The Rayco RC 16.5 drum-style brush chipper gives landscapers a 17-inch-capacity machine loaded with smart features designed to maximize productivity and keep maintenance at a minimum. With fuel capacity of 53 gallons, the 140-horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine will run all day without stopping to re-fuel.

The RC 16.5 also features Fuel Saver Technology which automatically decelerates the engine if the feed control bar remains in the neutral for 60 seconds. To eliminate clutch maintenance, the RC 16.5 features hydraulic clutch that engages at the push of a button and never needs adjusted. A torflex idler makes belt adjustments simpler and does not require pulling the engine forward. And a planetary drive motor provides plenty of infeed torque while eliminating problematic coupler systems used by competitors.

Rayco brush chippers have an exclusive feed system design engineered with many innovative features. The feed wheels are offset allowing operators to feed short lengths of large diameter material with no material kick up. Hydraulic lift assist is standard, although rarely needed due to the immense size of the top feed wheel. The large diameter allows the feed wheel to effortlessly climb logs and dense material. The patented PULSE hydraulic system delivers 400 lbs of steady down pressure with an additional 2,200 pounds applied automatically every three seconds, totaling 2,600 pounds of crushing power.

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