BioSafe Systems launches pond management program

BioSafe Systems’ GC Tablets help maintain a clean, beautiful pond. GC Tablets work through a powerful oxidation reaction and breaks down organic debris. Start by applying tablets to your pond early in the spring, and keep them on hand all season long as part of a preventive program. GC Tablets require no measuring and are available in 2.25 and 7.5 lb containers.

GC Water Soluble Packets are dry bacteria packets designed to metabolize excess nitrogen and phosphorous in pond and lakes, improving water quality and clarity. GC Water Soluble Packets reduce bottom sludge and are compatible with most algaecides, including GreenCleanPRO and GreenClean Liquid. GC Water Soluble Packets are easy-to-use, 8 oz. packets and are available in 25 lb containers.

GC Liquid Bacteria is a concentrated microbial, scientifically blended and tested for reducing ammonia, nitrates and excess nutrients that effect water quality and clarity. GC Liquid Bacteria can help reduce fish waste, decaying plant material, and organic wastes that accumulate causing odor and murky water. GC Liquid Bacteria can be applied to water containing live fish and plants. GC Liquid Bacteria is available in 2.5 gallon containers.

GC Blue Colorant offers a “natural blue” look for larger ponds and lakes and is compatible with most aquatic herbicides & algaecides. GC Blue Colorant treats a surface acre of pond water up to 6-8 feet deep (1-2 Million Gallons). GC Blue Colorant helps to filter out sunlight, reducing nuisance aquatic growth. GC Blue Colorant is available in 1 quart containers.

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