In the know: How you can use edging to your advantage

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Updated Mar 15, 2021
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April will soon arrive and with it, the inevitable. No, not tax season – spring. Spring is here, and despite economic troubles, flowers are blooming and the grass is growing. Now is the time to install edging to restructure flowerbeds and give the lawn a manicure.

While the economy is causing rash decision-making in some fields, don’t let it affect your thoughts on edging. Add-on services, like edging, can and still should be done, says Aymie Clayton with Oly-Ola.

“Don’t wait until things get better,” Clayton says. “There’s no reason to hold back.”

Tips for edging in the current economy

First, Clayton says to have the product ready when spring hits. As a manufacturer, Oly-Ola is watching the market, but following its policy of no backorders. They encourage their supply houses as well as landscapers to have their edging ready.

“If a contractor is going to do a project, he won’t wait five days to get edging,” she says. “They want it now and if you don’t have it, they’re going to go elsewhere.”
Second, Clayton says not to look for new edging based solely on price. “If you buy a product only because it’s cheaper, you get what you pay for,” she says.

The longevity of the product will differ, and if a year down the road the edging has failed, the client won’t call back. Continue to use high-quality products even during hard times; word will spread of your work.

“Referrals in this business are more important now because people are fighting tooth and nail to get jobs,” Clayton says. “Positive feedback will only help you.”
Third, buy in bulk. Clayton says you can often save money by buying more of a product than what you need for a specific job. You’ll save on cost per piece, as well as shipping.
Fourth, take the time to research. Research affordable products in your area that fit your design style. Research other areas of service. Research companies that may be offering new value-priced alternatives.

If your company has seen a downturn in sales, consider developing a new value-priced landscape edger.

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