Mow and aerate simultaneously

Using the Mow-Aerator, operators can mow and aerate turf at the same time. The unit is a set of brackets and 11/2-inch spikes made of .125-inch cold rolled steel that attaches to a mower’s rear tires. Model AMA8012 adjusts to fit tire sizes 18 inches by 8 inches up to 20 inches by 12 inches and requires 13/4 inch clearance from tire to wheel well.

Track loader for tight jobsites

Bobcat’s new T110 compact track loader is powered by a 41.8-horsepower engine and features a narrow width of 47 inches, making it ideal for residential projects where space is limited. The T110 has an all-steel undercarriage similar to that of larger Bobcat track loaders. Using the Bob-Tach mounting system, 26 attachments are available for use with the T110.

New line of Gravely mowers

Ariens introduces the Gravely 100i XDZ line of mowers, featuring three models with twin-cylinder Kawasaki engines ranging from 23 to 26 horsepower. Each mower has an Ogura GT 2.5 electric clutch, a 10-gallon fuel capacity and commercial duty Hydro-Gear ZT3400 transaxles. The X-Factor deck design offers cutting widths from 48 to 60 inches, and the mower has a foot-operated deck lift and twin stick controls to minimize operator fatigue.

Lift landscape rock with ease

With the self-contained vacuum lifter from Vacuworx International, landscape professionals can lift materials such as landscape rock, concrete slab, steel plate or tubular products like steel, concrete, plastic or coated pipe. The lifter will attach to a variety of host machines from excavators and forklifts to wheel loaders, cranes and boom trucks.

New filter for low volume irrigation systems

Rain Bird’s new pressure-regulating quick-check basket filter combines pressure regulation and filtration in one compact unit for easier maintenance and faster installation. The 200-mesh stainless-steel filter protects drip irrigation components from debris. The filter basket requires fewer connections, and a display shows when it needs to be cleaned. The new element is available separately or fully integrated into Rain Bird’s 1-inch and 11/2-inch high-flow commercial control zone kits.

Flexible planters for pond plants

Aquascape’s new flexible Aquatic Planters are available in three sizes: small (6 inches by 6 inches), medium (8 inches by 6 inches) and large (12 inches by 8 inches). The planters are constructed of fine porous material that allows water in but keeps soil from entering the pond. The units won’t crack or break and can be molded to fit in tight spaces.

Fuel efficient, extended life synthetic diesel oil

Amsoil upgraded its Premium API CJ-4 Synthetic 5W-40 diesel oil for extended service life. This oil is for model year 2007 and newer heavy-duty and pickup truck diesel engines. The formula withstands the stress of heat, soot and acids to help prevent deposits, corrosion and wear. According to Amsoil, the 5W-40 oil provides improved fuel economy up to 3 percent.

Green laser for site prep

The new Hilti PR 26 Green Rotating Laser will improve visibility for indoor applications and also benefit outdoor applications such as onsite preparation, excavation and checking heights for pouring concrete. The green laser has a range of up to 650 feet with the laser receiver and comes with a rechargeable battery pack and charger, providing operators 22 hours of continuous working time per full charge.

Eco-friendly road and ice salt

Morton Salt’s Eco-Safe Ice Melter salt is safer for pets, plants and concrete and melts snow and ice at 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The runoff from using the product has a lower environmental impact to ground and surface water, and the salt’s formula also reduces the amount of damage to concrete surfaces. Eco-Safe Ice Melter is available in 50-pound durable bags or 50-pound buckets.

Cut pavers with Diamond Blade

Jaws Diamond Blades come in two sizes, 12-inch and 14-inch. Now available from Pave Tech Hardscape Outfitters, the blades feature a combination of segmented and turbo segments for added speed and extended life. The slanted gullet helps remove slurry from the cut, and an extra cooling hole allows the blade to perform in dry and wet conditions.

New organic liquid fertilizer

ICT Organics has developed an organic liquid fertilizer derived from corn gluten meal through enzyme hydrolysis. According to the manufacturer, Gluten-8 OLP is easier to apply than granular. One quart of the product mixed with three quarts of water creates one gallon of mixed product to treat 1,000 square feet of turf or landscape.

Posthole diggers for skid steers and tractors

Land Pride’s SAC35 series hydraulic driven and skid-steer mounted posthole diggers can handle a variety of applications from 9-inch postholes to 36-inch tree root balls. Posthole diggers will attach to skid steers or tractors with 10 to 25 gallons per minute hydraulic flow capacity at 3,000 psi. When attaching to a tractor, a skid-steer adapter hitch is needed.

Rascal dump trailer line expanded

Bri-Mar expanded its line of Rascal dump trailers with the R508LP-3 and the R510LP-5. The R508LP-3 features a low profile 5-foot by 8-foot dump bed, 3,000-pound GVWR, 1.9-cubic yard capacity and four-inch channel mainframe. The R510LP-5 includes a low profile 5-foot by 10-foot dump bed, 5,000-pound GVWR, 2.3-cubic yard capacity and five-inch channel mainframe. Both models have 15-inch high sides, front panels and rear gates constructed of 14-gauge steel.

Control nutsedge with new herbicide

Nufarm Halosulfuron Pro from Nufarm Americas is a herbicide used to control purple and yellow nutsedge and other weeds in turf and ornamental plantings. The herbicide reduces the risk of callbacks and is available in two pack sizes. Halosulfuron comes in a user-friendly 0.9 gram water-soluble packet that treats up to 1,000 square feet and a 1.33 ounce bottle for larger-scale applications.

New compressed natural gas-powered mower

Dixie Chopper’s Xcaliber Eco-Eagle uses compressed natural gas for power, which is safer for the environment. CNG does produce greenhouse gases during combustion, but it is environmentally cleaner than gas, diesel or propane. The Eco-Eagle uses a 990cc Generac engine designed for CNG and features a 66-inch cutting deck with electric deck lift, standard springer forks, an operator-controlled discharge chute and factory-installed roll bar.

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