Leading the way with over 20 years experience in lining dump bed equipment, American Made Liners Systems is the proven industry leader in dump liner technology.

Designed to maximize payload, protect beds and release sticking loads of sand, gravel, rock, coal, limestone, flyash and more. Custom-made to fit your dump truck or trailer- RE-PRO Dump Liner Kits are easily customer installable. They come prefabricated to your dimensions with fasteners, hardware, tooling, metal edge protectors and easy Install Instructions. RE-PRO®Bedliners enable you to haul more loads, more efficiently and with less carry-back, resulting in a more profitable return. Dump quicker, cleaner, safer, at lower scopes, and reduce your risk of roll-overs. There is less sticking and freezing, and no need to refloor again!

Heavy Duty RE-PRO® deadens the noise of off-road quarry vehicles. American Made also designs Liner Systems for Containers, Bins and Hoppers, Farm, Recycling and Waste Equipment.

RE-PRO® Benefits

  • Proven in the field for over 20 years to outperform every other liner in the dump liner market
  • Outlasts aluminum beds, while providing the slickness of plastic
  • Lightweight, yet won”t crack, break or shatter to 200 degrees below zero
  • Withstands high impact, and more abrasion resistant than aluminum
  • Helps reduce sticking and freezing, less chance of roll-overs

Widest Selection Available Today

  • RE-PRO® 14 14 ft. – wide continuous dump liner
  • RE-PRO® 13 – 13 ft. – wide continuous dump liner
  • RE-PRO® 12 – 12 ft. – wide continuous dump liner
  • RE-PRO® 10 – 10 ft. – wide continuous dump liner
  • RE-PRO® 8 – 8 ft. – wide continuous dump liner
  • SUPER RE-PRO® 3/4″ and 1″ thick Liners for theheaviest applications


1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″


  • RE-PRO® Wall Liner Kits
  • RE-PRO® Thick Tail (for extra abrasion protection in rear)
  • RE-PRO® Dog Box Kits
  • RE-PRO® Nosewrap Kits
  • RE-PRO® Tailgate Kits
  • Roll Lengths Available

Over 200 Authorized Distributors Nationwide

Each of our 200 Distributors will personally assist you with quick, efficient service. Our Distribution network, together with our experienced, dedicated Customer Service team, will help you determine the proper type of Liner System for your hauling needs. Order a RE-PRO® Bedliner System through your local Distributor; and also spec RE-PRO®, ARMOR GREEN HT or E-Z bedliners on new equipment! Your RE-PRO® Liner Kit can either be installed at most Distributor locations or you can do it yourself. All components of your Kit will be rolled and banded for easy unloading and handling.

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