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Lincoln Electric introduces new welding products
Beth Hyatt | March 20, 2017
The Lincoln Electric 650X

The Flextec 650X is capable of gouging with up to a ½ inch (12.7 mm) carbon.
Photo: Lincoln Electric

Thanks to embedded CrossLinc Technology, Lincoln Electric says its Flextec 650X multi-process welder gives operators full functionality and control at the arc without an added control cable.

Much like its predecessor, the Flextec 650X expands upon the Flextec 650 platform, and is rated 650 amps, 44 volts at 100 percent duty cycle. For heavy applications, it delivers up to 815 amps, or it can produce a stable arc at low currents for MIG or TIG welding on thin materials.

Lincoln Electric states that the Flextec 650X is ideal for large-diameter stick, flux-cored, MIG or submerged arc welding on thick materials. It is typically used in heavy fabrication, shipbuilding and construction. It is capable of gouging with up to a ½ inch (12.7 mm) carbon, and it also yields a smooth arc action, fast arc response and smooth bead appearance on all DC wire, stick and TIG processes.

By using CrossLinc, the 650X enables remote control of procedure settings at the arc, which can lead to improved weld quality, safety by reducing jobsite clutter and increased productivity by reducing trips to the power source. CrossLinc can be used with an LN-25X feeder for wire fed welding processes. The CrossLinc Remote can be used for Stick, TIG or gouging processes.

With the Flextec 650X, broad wire-feeder compatibility is not an issue, Lincoln Electric says. It is also compatible with existing Lincoln Electric standard bench, boom and across-the-arc wire feeders, and it is compatible with the CrossLinc-equipped and advanced digital ArcLink feeders.

The Flextec 650X can be used with an expanded list of wire feeders with the addition of ArcLink. Lincoln Electric says that these feeders include weld schedule memory storage that gives operators easy recall of critical or often-repeated weld procedures.

The Flextec 650X is IP23 rated, can be used with a variety of available, three-phase input power and is engineered for outdoor use and harsh environments. Not only is the Flextec 650X Desert Duty rated for extreme temperatures up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, its components are also designed to run cool for long life in high-temperature environments.

CrossLinc Remote added to CrossLinc equipped Flextec welders

 The new CrossLinc Remotes allow operators to adjust welding settings at the arc, including current for stick and TIG welding or voltage on select wire feeders, Lincoln Electric said.

These remotes not only deliver higher productivity and enhance job site safety, they also reduce return trips to the welding power source, streamline welding operations setup and deliver higher productivity. Operators can dial in the exact setting required for each weld with local control in the arc, which enhances weld quality and drives down weld defects.

CrossLinc Remote allows for remote control of the welder output without the need for an an additional control cable.
Photo: Lincoln Electric

Used for construction, shipyards and other industries, the CrossLinc Remote is compatible with all CrossLinc equipped Flextec welders, and allows fleet owners and rental operators to take advantage of CrossLinc Technology when using stick, TIG ad wire-fed welding processes.

For control of the CC or CV processes, the CrossLinc Remote auto-detects the mode setting at the power source and also displays actual voltage or current while welding.

The remote uses polarity sensing to automatically optimize power source settings or scratch-start TIG operation when in SMAW mode and DC output. This allows fast process changes between stick and TIG welding, and operators can turn this feature on or off based on preference. Current or voltage can be displayed during welding, the machine can be reset to the factory default settings and it includes an arc timer. A digital meter indicates polarity, and an LED display indicates if the voltage or amperage display is the actual value or preset.

A memory function is also included and recalls where it was set in the event it disconnects. The unit will then power back up at the last-used settings. CrossLinc-connection sensing and amp/volt indicator lights are featured on the remotes, as well as Tweco-style male/female pigtails and strain relief for the voltage sense wire. Rubber corners and a steel case ensure durability, Lincoln Electric says, and a foldable handle provides easy transport and a place to hang the remote.

4-Pack Rack for Flextec 350X multi-process welders

Made especially for Flextec 350X multi-process welders, the new 4-Pack Rack is designed to reduce the number of needed high-voltage cables and provide strain relief for those that are used. Lincoln Electric says that it not only reduces jobsite clutter, it promotes greater jobsite safety with neat-input cable routing that keeps all rack cabling inside.

The 4-Pack Rack can accommodate up to four Flextec 350X welders.
Photo: Lincoln Electric

The 4-Pack Rack can accommodate up to four Flextec 350X welders, and the mounting plate makes mounting or removing each welder a quick and easy process, Lincoln Electric says.

Designed to open down, the junction box door leaves a place to set tools during rack set up.

The rack meets the National Electric Code (NEC) and uses commonly available, low-cost fuses to reduce ongoing operation costs. A common 200 amp, 600 volt, 3-phase disconnect switch is featured and powers all welders with one primary power drop.

Eight-pack racks can be formed by bolting two racks together; these can be moved or lifted as a unit. An 8-pack rack only uses one primary input cable when combined. The racks also have forklift slots on all sides, covering both depth and width.

The 4-Pack Rack can also be purchased as a complete system, which includes factory-installed welders pre-wired to the main power distribution panel.

Air Vantage 600 SD Hydraulic engine-driven welder

Operators can weld with up to a ¼ inch (6.4 mm) stick and .120 inch (3.0 mm) flux-cored wire, as well as gouging capability with up to a 3/8 inch carbon.
Photo: Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric states that their new Air Vantage 600 SD Hydraulic engine-driven welder is a true four-in-one machine.

The company also states that it is the only power source of its kind to combine a powerful 600-amp welder, 20,000–watt continuous AC generator, 60-cfm air compressor and 10-gpm hydraulic pump for mining, railroad and utility repair.

With this machine, operators can weld with up to a ¼ inch (6.4 mm) stick and .120 inch (3.0 mm) flux-cored wire, as well as gouging capability with up to a 3/8 inch carbon.

The Vantage’s hydraulic pump operates independently of a running truck and allows it to replace individual truck-mounted pump units.

This particular pump reduces truck engine fuel consumption and run time, reduces emissions and maintenance costs, prolonging truck engine life and increases fuel savings. The Vantage’s on-board pump can run a truck-mounted boom, truck levelers, impact guns, clamping features and more hydraulic powered equipment.

The Vantage can also be used to power grinders, electric lights and other common tools. It also can deliver compressed air for a variety of air-driven tools, according to Lincoln Electric.

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