Updated Oct 21, 2010

Terex is launching a powerful new generator that combines ease of operation with flexible power output in three- or single-phase voltages and other key features, making it an excellent choice for the rental market.  


The new Terex® T360 Super Quiet Generator is powered by a heavy-duty, 426-hp Cummins diesel engine and offers Tier 3 compliance to meet the latest environmental standards, says David Spears, Terex product manager. The Cummins engine offers reduced emissions and is electronically controlled to provide frequency regulation to an accuracy of +/- 0.25% for sensitive electronics such as computers.  


The T360 offers 360 kilovolt amps, or 288 kilowatts, of prime electrical output to provide operators the flexibility to power loads, ideal for rental power applications, such as powering large tower cranes and pumps, or providing temporary power during electrical substation maintenance.  


Like all Terex® Super Quiet generators, the T360 comes standard with a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) that provides a quicker response to changes in load, resulting in better voltage regulation for motor starting and non-linear loads. The fuel capacity on the T360 offers operators 24 hours of continuous operation on one tank of fuel. 


All Terex® generators also share a common user interface for ease of use, including a simple, flexible Murphy Cascade controller and large, easy-to-read analog gauges to monitor electrical loads and engine performance.  


“This simple user interface was designed specifically with the rental market in mind, with ease of operation being a top priority,” says Spears. “For example, there’s no LCD screen with complicated menus to scroll through.”  


The distribution panel on the T360 includes a five-lug distribution board, single-phase convenience receptacles and optional cam lock-style connectors. The three-phase voltages on the unit include 208 / 220 / 240 / 440 / 480, and the single-phase voltages are 120 / 240. 


“The receptacles on the T360 can be utilized simultaneously to provide users both flexibility and functionality. For instance, operators can use power from the high-voltage side of the machine while also powering smaller items, such as drills and computers, through convenience outlets on the other side of the machine,” says Spears. 


Automatic start/stop is also standard on all Terex® generators. All high-voltage electrical interfaces are safety interlocked to prevent injury or damage to the unit’s sensitive components. 


The base of the T360 is designed to provide 110-percent containment of all on-board fluids, including fuel, coolant and oil. The cabinet is designed to reduce noise and water ingress, and the angled plenum design increases cooling capacity and reduces the overall weight of the generator. Detachable front panels, large engine bay doors and removable rear louver panel allow for convenient access to the radiator, muffler, engine and generator for ease of service.  


Terex® Super Quiet Generators are distributed by Genie Industries.  


About Genie 

Headquartered in Redmond, Wash., with branch offices worldwide, Genie Industries manufactures material lifts, aerial work platforms, trailer-mounted booms and light towers, scissor lifts, self-propelled telescopic and articulating booms and telehandlers. For more information, please visit https://www.genielift.com/en.  


Genie Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of TEREX Corporation (NYSE: TEX), a diversified global manufacturer based in Westport, Conn. For more information on TEREX, please visit https://www.terex.com/. 

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