Vision Series Offers Next Generation Pavers To North America

March 2008  Vögele America Inc. is introducing its next-generation asphalt pavers  the Vision Series  to North America at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2008.


The Vision Series includes the 10-ft. tracked Vision 5200-2 and 10-ft. wheeled Vision 5203-2, and the 8-ft. tracked Vision 5100-2 and the 8-ft. wheeled Vision 5103-2. Together they represent the highest evolution of asphalt paver design to-date. The Vision models comprise the most practical and productive line of pavers on the market today. They are quieter, cooler and more productive line of pavers, or Vogele America predecessor models. The Vision Series is a completely new “clean-sheet” design, although it incorporates time-proven Vogele Super Series technologies.



Unparalleled Visibility


Operators will benefit from outstanding forward visibility, with unparalleled all-around visibility without turning. The slope of the machine and hood have been designed so the operator can see the sides, the hopper, and the conveyors in the back, without having to move around.



The operator™s stations swing out from both edges of the machine, for superior visibility to the sides, behind and into the hopper. In addition to the operator™s stations™ swinging out, the control console slides from one side of the paver platform to the other, and also swivels and tilts.


With its Tier III engines, the Vision Series suppresses noise and redirects exhaust and heat away from operator and crew, with raked, streamlined exhaust pipes that reinforce the impression of forward movement.


On the wheeled Vision 5203-2, three drive versions are available, one with rear wheel drive, one with optional two-wheel front-wheel assist, and a new optional version, with six-wheel drive.



Lets Crew Concentrate on Paving


Self-diagnostics are built into the new Vision Series, and help the crew concentrate on placing asphalt instead of working on the paver. Fluid levels and other inspection points need not be checked each day. Instead they are monitored from a display panel, part of the Vögele Ergo-Plus ergonomic design for enhanced productivity.


An optional hydraulic front apron eliminates much shoveling in front of the paver. This hydraulic front apron prevents forward spillage of asphalt mix. As the hopper closes, the front apron rises, a long-time Vögele design from overseas.


The Vision Series™ self-tensioning conveyors have hydraulic cylinders that keep them adjusted. Like the paver™s self-diagnostics, the self-tensioning conveyors permit the crew to spend less time on the paver, and more time placing hot mix asphalt.


Heavy, fold-up tool racks are provided for lutes, shovels, brooms and rakes. Lockable compartments are present under each operator seat and under the deck.



Independently Operated Hopper Wings


The Vision pavers have independently operated hopper wings. One side can be dumped, or the other, or both at the same time. Most other models of paver require both sides be dumped at the same time.


The Vision Series has eliminated flow gates and implemented independent conveyor and auger drives. Each conveyor is driven separately and independently from the auger. Augers and conveyors are reversible.


On the tracked 5200-2, at the front of the machine in front of the rubber tracks, is a strike-off plow or plate which is mechanically lowered and keeps the machine from going over a hump of material, or getting asphalt mix in the tracks.


Full access to internal parts typical of all Vögele America paver models — has been retained in the Vision Series. A clamshell hood opens all the way to allow interior access from the deck, and from each side. The Vision Series is the only paver in which the generator, the air cleaner system, the pumps and coolers, and filters and dipsticks, can be accessed from one location.

Lube points for the conveyors and augers are all located in the same, central spot, and an optional, automated lubrication system is available.


Harnesses are simple, abetted by the Vision Series™ Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system, in which controllers execute much of the work of operating the paver, using single wires which go from the operator™s platform, instead of big bundles of wiring harnesses.



Power, Cooling and Exhaust Systems


In the 10-ft. Vision 5200-2 and 5203-2 pavers, a powerful 6-cylinder Cummins engine provides 240 hp at 2,000 rpm. Different speed ranges are available which are selected at the push of a button. The options are MIN, ECO Mode and MAX. At 1,800 rpm, ECO Mode provides low noise level and less fuel consumption, sufficient for most paving applications. The fuel tank holds 106 gallons, well enough for a full day™s work.


With its twin, raked exhaust pipes, the innovative engine exhaust system has a modern look, and provides for fumes evacuation and reduced noise levels. No exhaust stacks exist in front of the operator.


A large cooler assembly with innovative air routing provides perfect control of engine cooling liquid, hydraulic oil and charge air. There, a high cooling capacity provides for ideal temperatures inside the hydraulic system and top performance of all drive units even when working under full load and at high ambient temperatures. Noise emissions are very low.


For the Vision 5200-2, long crawler tracks with large ground contact provide for maximum tractive effort, allowing the paver to navigate well at a constant speed in any situation. The width of the rubber track is 18 inches. And thanks to zero clearance between track rollers and the rubber track, there can be no misalignment of the rubber track while traveling. As a result, accurate tracking is guaranteed, with no bobbing and weaving with this design


A separate drive and electronic control is provided for each crawler track, thus ensuring excellent tracking stability and precise turning of radius. Engine power is translated into pave speed without loss of power as the drive units are integrated into the crawler track drive wheels.



Material Flow in Detail


The Vision Series™ large material hopper holds 13 tons (U.S.) and is dimensioned so that a sufficient quantity of mix is present at all times. Two cylinders per side provide smooth operation. The sloped inner design of material hopper provides for optimal flow of mix to avoid segregation. Large track push rollers can be set to three different positions for convenient and shock-free docking of trucks.


Powerful, individual (closed loop) hydraulic drives for conveyors and augers are provided to achieve placement rates. Proportional control and continuous monitoring of conveyors and augers guarantee a constant head of mix in front of the screed. Because separate drive and material monitoring is installed for each conveyor and each auger, mix can be spread in the auger tunnel while conveyors are not running.

Hydraulic auger height adjustment provides optimal spreading of mix even when paving thin layers or on sections where layer thickness varies. Large 16-in. diameter auger flights with precision pitch provide excellent spreading of mix when paving in large widths or lower engine rpm. Vögele America™s unique flight design provides extended wear versus standard flight designs.


Furthermore, proportional control is provided for conveyor and auger drives, permitting them to convey exactly the amount of mix actually required. The days in which all of the mix was conveyed — or nothing at all — are gone. And because the right flow of mix is guaranteed to match contractor requirements, the Vision Series pavers have no need for flow gates.


An Automatic Mode can be selected for conveyors and augers, so the operator can focus his attention elsewhere, as conveyance and spreading of mix are fully automatic. Or the system can be run manually for complete control. Clean Mode is provided which allows the augers and conveyors to run at a slow speed for ease of cleaning at the end of a shift.



At the Paver™s Business End


Three electric screeds will be available for these 10-ft. machines including the Carlson EZ-III 1017 and EZ-IV 1019 screeds with front-mounted extensions and the HR 500 E rear-mounted screed. No diesel-heated screeds will be available.


With ErgoPlus controls at the screed, paver functions are logically arranged and clustered in groups reflecting the needs of the paving site. Direct access to paver functions is achieved via push buttons. Reversal of auger rotation, for instance, can easily be done by the screed operator at the touch of a button.


Push buttons are identifiable by touch even if the operator is wearing work gloves. Large easy-to-read displays on the operator™s and screed operator™s consoles show vital paving data. With the push of a button, automatic filling of conveyor and auger tunnels allows immediate resumption of work after a move of the paver on-site.


A clear menu structure in combination with self-explanatory symbols provides for easy use of the display. As darkness falls, the operator™s console lights up automatically, ideal for night work.


The Vision Series™ Pave Mode is a smart memory feature which stores the most recent settings for paver functions, so that, when resuming work after a move of the paver on-site, these settings are restored automatically.


Hydraulic Screed Hold and Screed Freeze functions are standard, preventing the screed from sinking after a paver stop, eliminating humps when resuming paving.

Important paver and screed data is displayed on the operator™s console and the screed operator™s consoles. Hand-held remote controls of the screed are attached to the paver˜s end gates, and are provided with spiral cables for ease of operation and location.


Vögele™s Niveltronic Plus® automated grade and slope control system is supplied directly by the paver manufacturer, so machine technology and grade and slope control are matched natively for smooth, perfect riding surfaces and bonuses. The system™s wiring and connections are integrated into the tractor unit and screed. The wide and varied selection of sensors permits use of Niveltronic Plus in any and all applications.


The system permits automatic recognition of sensors connected for easy and quick set-up. Monitoring of Niveltronic Plus functions is particularly easy and user-friendly. Logical, self-explanatory symbols are language-neutral and support quick learning of the system™s functions. And the Niveltronic Plus system is integral with the paver™s control system, and does not require any extra training.




Wirtgen America, Inc., Nashville, is the North American arm of the Wirtgen Group, the single-source marketer of the world”s most technologically advanced lines of asphalt reclaiming and recycling equipment from Wirtgen, asphalt and soil compactors from Hamm Compaction Division, and asphalt pavers from Vögele America Inc. In late 2004 Reinhard Wirtgen, founder of Wirtgen Group, was honored as one of the “Top 100 Private Sector Transportation Design & Construction Professionals of the 20th Century” by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

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