Introducing the New 120 Metric Ton Class Size Version (180-300,000 pound) of the Patented Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper® Bucket From Leading Edge Attachments, Inc.®

Updated Sep 20, 2010

The designers of the award winning patented Multi-Ripper® and the Multi-Ripper Bucket now offer exclusively, a new larger size class Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket for ripping and digging rock.  

Until now, this powerful rock digging bucket design was only available for excavators up to 220,000 pounds. The new 120 Metric Ton size class (220-300,000 pound class) is now available for these larger machines (i.e. Hitachi EX1200, Komatsu PC1250). The wider versions also now have 5 shanks. 

The SHARC staggered shanks on an arc™ technology allows the Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket to slice through any rip-able rock. It’s so simple. There are no extra hydraulics involved. Its power comes from the curl function, the boom force and the crowd force. The principle uses a bucket along with the power of the excavator to create a 100-percent breakout force when each tooth comes into contact. The staggered ripper teeth fracture the substrate in sequential order. No two ripper teeth align with each other, resulting in the maximum breakout force being applied sequentially to each tooth. The distance from the excavator stick pivot to the tooth tips is also shorter than the standard bucket for the machine. The shorter distance actually multiplies the tooth tip force. The rolling of the Multi-Ripper Bucket always provides the full multiplied breakout force individually on each tooth so that the substrate is ripped out by each individual tooth lifting action. The result is a relatively flat trench bottom, and nice clean ripped sidewalls. 

The Multi-Ripper Bucket sides are made of 3-inch-thick Swedish Hardox 400 steel, making the bucket extremely durable. Leading Edge Attachments manufactures this design in sizes that will fit machines from a skid steer or mini excavator all the way up to the newly introduced 300,000-pound excavator class, featuring MTG KingMet teeth. 

Because of the way that these powerful ripper teeth are positioned on the bucket, one excavator and operator can trench and dig through rock, performing the work normally done by two, without the use of trenchers, blasting or hammers. This style bucket has been proven to save time and money! 

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