Wedgelock Spades

Wedgelock Spades are designed to be used in clay and sticky ground conditions where clogging can be an issue. Wedgelock offer two types of spade designs “Butterfly” Spades and the “Spade System”. Both are available in a variety of widths and sizes for excavators weighing 1.5 to 13.0 Tonne (3,300 to 28,600 Lbs).

Wedgelock Butterfly Spades are digging tools with sides that are shallower than a normal general purpose bucket which allows for better release of material in sticky conditions but also provides enough capacity for high production when narrow trenching.

The Wedgelock Spade System is unique in its design as it consists of a spade frame which doubles as a digging tool for the narrowest width and can then be fitted with a Spade Attachment to increase the width of an excavator”s digging tool for variable applications. The spades don™t have sides enabling the operator to dig and load cloggy or sticky material without it staying in the attachment when unloading.

Features of Wedgelock Spades:

  • Manufactured from medium tensile and wear resistant materials
  • Both options are ideal for sticky ground conditions and narrow trenching
  • Robust connection on the Spade System between frame and attachment
  • Available in a variety of widths and sizes
  • Suitable for most excavators from 1.5 to 13.0 Tonne (3,300 to 28,600 Lbs)

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