Featuring the Case patented 14-foot-over-center backhoe design

Updated Oct 5, 2010

This machine is the industry leader. Featuring the Case patented 14-foot-over-center backhoe design, the Case 580M Series 2 has a bucket breakout force that’s second to none. This machine is ideal for digging trenches, loading dirt, planting trees or backfilling a foundation. If you need reliability and productivity, the Case 580M Series 2 is the machine for you.


580M Series 2 Net Engine Power 57 kW
76 hp
Operating Wt. 7,489 kg
16,510 lb
Max Dig Depth 4.3 m
Bucket Dig Force 49,873 N
11,212 lb
Dipper Dig Force 31,356 N
7,049 lb
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