Caterpillar® Remanufactured Wheels Lower Maintenance Costs, Reduce Downtime and Assure Machine-System Integrity for 836 Landfill Compactors

Updated Oct 5, 2010

Caterpillar® has announced a Remanufactured-Wheel Program for the Cat® 836 Landfill Compactor. Under the program, customers now can exchange a set of worn wheels for remanufactured wheels, which have been restored to factory-new specifications and carry the same warranty as new wheels. Cost for the remanufactured wheels can be as much as 35 to 45 percent less than new wheels, and the use of remanufactured wheels significantly reduces downtime, compared with using local shops to rebuild wheels. Cat remanufactured wheels also maintain a precise match with 836 design parameters.


Remanufactured Wheel Program 

When wheel replacement is anticipated, customers can work through local Cat dealers to order a set of remanufactured wheels, which are available “off-the-shelf” from Caterpillar’s Remanufacturing Division. After installing the remanufactured wheels, the dealer returns the old wheels, using the same shipping stands. Upon receipt, Cat Reman inspects the old wheels and issues a core credit. 


In the subsequent remanufacturing process, the wheel wrapper (outer drum), tips, wear bars and rim extensions (if required) are replaced with new parts. Each remaining component is carefully analyzed against factory specifications and replaced if exact requirements are not met. Seven-inch tips are standard for remanufactured wheels, and the tip-placement pattern can be modified to suit customer requirements.     


Remanufactured benefits 

Among the benefits of using remanufactured wheels is the customer’s ability to now schedule replacement- and the significant reduction in downtime during replacement. Typically, when wheel replacement is required, the machine must be taken out of service and fitted with loaner wheels to allow rebuilding the old wheels. The machine then must be taken out of service a second time to install the rebuilt wheels. Using remanufactured wheels requires only one service, resulting in higher machine utilization and less disruption of production schedules. 


Cost savings that accrue through the use of remanufactured wheels include not only those resulting from an initial lower cost and reduced downtime, but also those accruing through potentially lower operating costs. Because the 836 Landfill Compactor is a complex machine that has been precisely designed to handle the stress of severe applications, every component, including the wheels, is designed to work as part of a machine system. Using wheels remanufactured by Caterpillar maintains that system integrity, preserving fuel economy and protecting drive-train components from potentially damaging stress that could be introduced by using wheels from other manufacturers. 


The remanufactured wheel option also benefits landfill operators through lower initial cost and extended service life for the rest of the compactor drive system. The Caterpillar wheel design is precisely matched to the Cat power train and drive system so that it delivers productive and reliable performance. The Remanufactured Wheel Program provides a cost effective way to maintain system integrity long after initial wheel life has come and gone.  


For more information about the Cat Remanufactured Wheel Program, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer.

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