JA90-350CP – “Revolutionizing the Jackhammer Industry”

Updated Oct 22, 2010

The JA90-350CP Jackhammer Lift Assist is the newest release from Integrated Tool Solutions. The JA90-350CP model adapts to most 90 lbs. Chicago Pneumatic jackhammers. Like the base model JA90-350, the CP version is specifically designed to assist operators with the lifting of a jackhammer. Actuating the JA90-350CP with every cut allows the operator more control and ease of use while running the jackhammer. After some minor machining changes to the head the JA90-350CP version maintains the same ergonomic design of the JA90-350. The JA90-350CP Jackhammer Lift Assist reduces operator stress and fatigue; therefore drastically reducing the risk of jackhammer related back injuries as well as improving job efficiency and productivity.  

The JA90-350CP is also being recognized for its safety and increased productivity both domestically and worldwide. The patent pending JA90-350CP Jackhammer Lift Assist is quickly “Revolutionizing the Jackhammer Industry.”

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