McCloskey 621 Trommel Re-Engineered To Keep Technicians™ Feet on the Ground

Peterborough, ON The popular 621 model trommel from McCloskey International has been updated to provide ground-level access to the common service points for equipment technicians, allowing faster, simpler maintenance and improved safety on the worksite.


The new 621 trommel implements design innovations developed by McCloskey engineering for the 733 4×4 trommel last year. While the 621 model is one of the most popular high-production wheel-drive trommels, featuring the patented McCloskey Drum X-Change System, the 733 model was introduced in 2007 as the world™s largest wheel-drive units. The Drum X-Change System replaces traditional chain drives with a trunnion-based wheel drive, allowing operators to simply lift out one drum and drop in another to change screens. Eliminating the chain drive also eliminates the most costly service item from the trommel maintenance schedules.


According to Andy Krol, Chief Engineer for the McCloskey Trommel line, with the chain drive out of the way, we were able to relocate the engine compartment and the diesel tank down to ground level. In previous machines, technicians needed to climb a ladder to perform basic service such as checking the oil and changing filters. Simply moving the engine lower provides a valuable improvement in service times and safety.Âť


The 621 trommel has now been reconfigured to offer the same accessible engine down design as the 733 model and, like the 733, provides room for technicians to stand upright in the engine compartment as they service the machine. Ground-level controls for the trommel™s brush adjusters also allow operators to complete this routine adjustment without having to climb up on the equipment.


Additional features of the updated 621 trommel include:

– Tier III-compliant C6.6 Caterpillar power plant for lower emission engines; equipped with LCD display and automatic emergency shutdowns

– Increased performance with lower dust for reduced maintenance to engine air cleaners and filters

– Increased drive torque efficiency providing increased fuel economy and lower operating cost

– 320 US gallon fuel tank provides capacity for weekly fill-ups versus daily refueling

– Increased drum wall clearance lets material fall easily to the fines conveyor; reduces friction to require less power and, in turn, uses less fuel

– Improved jacking points with legs that drop down with more height settings for easier leveling

– All valves are behind a valve plate for enhanced safety in the event of a blow out; easier to focus on controls in a panel style machine

– New gearbox for internal feeder with fewer moving parts achieves longer life

– Feeder hopper extension over the engine end of hopper increases hopper capacity and allows feeding with a loader bucket


The new 621 trommel screener is suited for large heavy duty applications where production rates can reach 200 tph in topsoil and sticky material or 300 tph in sand and gravel.


The McCloskey Trommel screens are simply awesome in their throughput, speed and ease of use. Our new 621 processes 150 tons of lightweight compost material per hour, separating oversize, blending and aerating in a single operation to produce a top quality, clean, green, peat free product in demand by the horticultural industry and domestic gardener alike.Âť

Andy Foster, Site Supervisor, White Moss Horticultural Ltd.


About McCloskey

McCloskey International Limited designs and manufactures innovative trommel screeners, vibrating screeners, stacking conveyors and picking stations. Since 1985, McCloskey International has been exceeding customer expectations with reliable, durable and high performing products. McCloskey equipment is used by topsoil producers, landscape contractors, composting facilities, waste management and recycling operations, aggregate producers and quarry operators to help achieve profitable volumes.

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