Roadtec™s newly refined cutter drum tooling design provides improved tool durability and better lacing patterns for pavement smoothness.

Roadtec, Inc. announces it has introduced improvements to its line of cold planer cutter drums effective immediately. Among the refinements three major areas were addressed. Combined, they provide a better milling pattern and a longer tool and base life.

The drum end ring configuration has been redesigned for better match-cutting and increased tool life. The impact angle of all the tools on the drum was perfected to optimize the life of the consumable bit. The lacing pattern was adjusted to provide a better texture on the milled surface as well as a more balanced impact when the cutting tools strike the surface. This design has been modified with the goal to provide 3,000 hours of service of the tool base and cutter drum”s components manufactured at Roadtec. 

Roadtec™s Jeff Rule comments that with the redesign we™ve eliminated the wear problem some of our customers were experiencing with their drums at the end rings. If the users keep up their cutter tools and holders properly, they will see a significant increase in the longevity of the holder and base block out of these drums. Drums built by Roadtec for our own line of cold planers, as well as those for other brands™ aftermarket needs are meeting or exceeding industry durability standards. Proper maintenance of tools and holders includes regular visual inspection to make sure all the tools are in good working order, and changing these wearable items out as needed.

The improved pattern the new drum design is capable of producing will enhance bonding of the new asphalt layer to the existing base and can also aid in the longevity and higher smoothness of the pavement because over time and with traffic, a rough milled surface will show through the asphalt on a typical thin lift paving job. 

Roadtec states that their drum improvements increases tooling and cutter drum life, helps contractors build smoother roads, and thus helps to improve their customers™ bottom line.




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