Volvo PF6160 and PF6170 Wheeled Pavers Utilize Global Technology

The Volvo PF6160 and PF6170 wheeled highway-class pavers have been designed for the next level of paving, with independent auger and conveyor systems, automatic conveyor tensioning and a patented front-wheel suspension.


A number of features on these pavers provide contractors with more options in material flow. The auger system is now independent of the conveyor system. Each of the two auger and conveyor drives uses sonic sensors for more precise handling of material. The conveyor system has chains that are automatically tensioned for proper performance and less downtime. The conveyor chain cover cleans itself, providing easier maintenance. Reversible augers and conveyors are optional equipment.


A hopper capacity of 14.38 tons (13.04 metric tons) gives each paver a practical production rate of 820 tons (744 metric tons) per hour.


Each paver is powered by a 205-horsepower (153-kilowatts) Cummins Tier 3 engine. The PF6160 and PF6170 pavers have a paving speed of 297 feet per minute (90.5 meters per minute) and a traveling speed of 12 miles per hour (19.3 kilometers per hour).


The pavers have a 30-kilowatt (3.75 kVa) generator that has been integrated as standard into the machine to electronically heat the screed while providing plenty of power for auxiliary applications such as lighting or other jobsite tools.


The operator station features a new layout and a digital display. The display provides the operator with onboard diagnostic capabilities in four languages. The PF6160 and PF6170 have dual control stations. Both control consoles rotate and can pivot at two points for comfort and each seat may be extended beyond the edge of the machine for improved visibility.


A technically advanced, hydrostatic direct-traction drive system on both pavers eliminates 70 percent of all mechanical drivetrain components to reduce maintenance costs. The PF6160 is designed without front-wheel assist. The PF6170 is available with two-wheel assist, or an industry-leading optional four-wheel assist.


The PF6160 and PF6170 pavers maintain uniform wheel-loading through a patented front-wheel suspension design. Hydraulic bogie cylinders provide a uniform load on all wheels for higher ground clearance, maximum traction and less wear and tear on the paver.


Both pavers have a screed width of 10 feet (3.05 meters) and a maximum paving width of 26 feet
(7.92 meters). Volvo offers the widest selection of screeds in the industry,
including the Omni Series. The Omni 318 is a vibratory, power extendible screed designed with front-mounted extensions. The Omni 300 is a fixed screed and the Omni 306 is configured with strike-offs. Screeds with rear-mounted extensions are also being introduced and include the Omni 1000, a vibratory screed, and the Omni 1010, a vibratory / single-tamping screed.


Maximum screed temperature control is achieved through three electric, independent heating circuits. Each screed section has three heater bars to provide consistent heat for the entire surface. These bars are accessible without removing the screed plates for quick maintenance.

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