Volvo Construction Equipment Introduces Light Tower Assemblies for Volvo PF6000-Series Asphalt Pavers

New optional feature feature aids contractors during nighttime paving operations.


Volvo Construction Equipment has developed a light tower option for its PF6000-Series large asphalt pavers. This new optional feature can be either factory-installed on any Volvo PF6110 tracked paver, PF6160 or PF6170 wheeled pavers, or it can be installed in the field on PF6000-Series models currently in operation.


The new light tower option consists of two assemblies that are mounted to the frame of the paver behind the operator”s seats. Both assemblies can plug into the paver”s electrical box outlet. Each assembly frame consists of two 1,000-watt metal-halide lamps for a total of 4,000 watts of illumination. The four lamps and the mounting arms are adjustable to enable the operator to illuminate areas needed for an efficient paving operation. The assembly mounting arms are raised and lowered by a hand-operated winch and measure

156.8 inches (3,982 mm) high when extended and 125.3 inches (3,182 mm) when retracted on the wheeled pavers.  The assemblies on the PF6110 will rise to 155.6 inches (3,952 mm) from a retracted height of 124.1 inches (3,152 mm)


This new light tower option on Volvo PF6000-Series pavers will greatly improve job efficiency in night operations and reduce the need for separate light tower units depending on any foot-candle requirements and the jobsite area. This light tower option meets the New York and New Jersey lighting specification requirements.


The Volvo PF6000-Series asphalt pavers are the new class of highway pavers designed with the latest technology to provide improved performance and a smoother mat. The PF6000-Series pavers have a redesigned undercarriage and larger machine footprint for improved weight distribution and better flotation. Each paver is designed for multiple screed configurations which allow the machine to be more versatile in different paving environments.


Other new features include independent conveyor and auger systems with 17- inch segments for smoother flow of material, an onboard diagnostic system with LCD display and a hopper-lock system for safe transport and service of the paver. Each paver is powered by a 205-horsepower (153-kilowatt) Cummins Tier 3 engine, and is equipped with a 30-kilowatt (3.75 kVa) generator to electrically heat the screed while providing plenty of power for auxiliary applications such as lighting or other jobsite tools.

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