You can depend on a LEON Dozer Blade.

You can depend on a LEON Dozer Blade. Our unique design and construction allow you to outlift, outreach and out-maneuver all others. Our patented Quick-on Quick off system affords you more time for the job and less time fussing with equipment. These industrial built units offer a selection from over a thousand different makes and models of farm tractors. You have a tractor, make LEON your FIRST CHOICE for your new blade.

Every LEON Dozer Blade is designed and approved for mounting to insure that  strength, clearance, performance, tractor serviceability, and ease of mounting surpass industry standards. LEON engineers remain on the cutting edge of blade unit design and construction offering new units as tractor design evolves.

For over half a century we have been manufacturing dozer blade units for tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, you can be sure that a LEON Dozer Blade is the right choice and in most cases the only choice.

Don”t Get Hung Up
LEON Dozer Blades have the highest underframe clearance, an average 8 1/2 to 20 inches depending on the model. Compact thicker tubing provides less drag, insures greater maneuverability and easy access when working in all types of terrain. In the softest or roughest conditions you will be confident. 

Tight Spots Are a Thing of the Past
The tight fit frame construction and unique hidden hydraulic mounting allows the tractor to have a smaller turning radius.

No More Back Dragging
Maximum blade lifting clearance and deep blade digging ability are standard on all models of LEON dozer blades. With 24-inch blade clearance on the smallest units to over 40 inches of blade clearance on the larger tractor models, material back dragging is eliminated.

Security for Your Cylinders
Powerful hydraulic angling is a standard extra feature that gives you up to 27 degrees full left and right angling control. Our famous industrial Ram hydraulic cylinders are designed and positioned to avoid exposure to debris materials being pushed. No other competitor has this safety feature for their hydraulic cylinders.

Seven Model Sizes
Our loaders fit 30 HP to the largest 2WD, 4WD, front wheel assist and track-drive farm tractors. New hydraulic angling models are available for most.

Add Hydraulic Vertical Tilt Control
Add it to your dozer blade unit at any time you choose. As an option, HVTC fits on all existing models past and present.

Penetration and Pushing is Now Much Easier
All thanks to our unique Blade Contour Design. These ripple formed blades ensure clean material roll-off and create a roll break action that translates into moving more loads ahead using less tractor horsepower.

Maximum Convenience
Full tractor service accessibility is considered in the design and mounting of LEON Dozer Blade units. Hood openings, accessibility to filters, cleaners, and other service areas are maintained when tractors are equipped with LEON Dozer Blade units.

Quick-on Quick-off

Less time, less fuss. With the patented Quick-on Quick-off system, all LEON Dozer Blade Units can be removed or mounted with only two pins. Remove or mount the complete unit right at the convenient mounting points. Now standard on new Model 4000 Dozers for the largest 4WD and track drive tractors.

Simply pull two pins, disconnect hydraulics and back away. Parking stands are standard for easy storage.

LEON”S Special Mounting Design with the dozer push assembly and framework is made to absorb any push and shock pressure exerted when operated in even in the toughest working conditions. Built to place minimum stress on the tractor framework and to provide a higher level of safety for you the operator.

More Choices

 Add versatility with these options:

  • Hydraulic Tilt Control
  • Chromium carbide overlay skid shoes
  • Side extensions in 1, 1.5 and 2 foot widths
  • New blade sizes: 5-7 feet, 20 inch high blades; 8-14 feet, 37 inch high blades; 12-20 feet, 47 inch high blades
  • Stone diggers: no more problems digging large rock and stumps.
  • Quick attach hydraulic vertical tilt kit
  • Top grated blade extension: 18 and 24 inches
  • Front 3-point hitch adapter (4 WD  models only)for category II 3-point hitch mounts
  • Side box plates transforms your blade into a box for pushing silage
  • Custom painting: LEON offers custom colors, including colors to match Cat, John Deere, New Holland and Case IH equipment

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