Ditch Cleaning & Grade Buckets

Available for:

All Makes and Models of Excavators

Recommended Applications:

Specifically designed for ditch maintenance and construction. Also useful in grading and slope work. Not designed for tough digging applications.

Quality Construction:

T-1 steel is utilized in all high wear components. A rigid top section assures structural stability in the wider sizes. Wear straps provide extra reinforcing for the bottom.

Equipment Options:

Teeth are not used on these buckets due to the application.

Sizes Available:

Standard widths range from 30″ – 84″, and capacities of .13 cu. yd. – 4.0 cu. yd.

Additional Features:

Bucket is standard with suction relief holes to allow easy dumping of sticky soils found in ditch maintenance. Adjustable bushings are available upon request. Auxiliary, bolt-on edges are available upon request.

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