Newly Designed Asphalt Zipper Attachment Engineered for Smaller Backhoes

Updated Sep 22, 2010

The new AZ-300 has been engineered from the ground up to pack the punch of its bigger brothers, yet it’s compact enough to accommodate virtually any backhoe.  It’s the power you need to do your own full-depth reclamation, trenching, patching or almost any application requiring asphalt removal.  You’ll quickly appreciate the gutsy 100 HP Turbo diesel power plant combined with a state-of-the-art Fairfield Torque Hub® for maximum power right where you want it… the cutter head.  Pulverize asphalt at the rate of up to 3000 square feet per hour.  With operating costs of as little as 10-20 cents per square foot, the AZ-300 will impact your bottom line just like it does asphalt. You’ll quickly discover why when you view our free video CD. 1-888-947-7378.

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