Sandvik (Rammer) Mid Range (E Series)

Updated Sep 22, 2010

Sandvik (Rammer) Mid Range (E Series) breakers are designed to tackle tough jobs – bridge demolition, sizing oversize boulders, recycling, underwater demolition, trenching and much more. Unique features make the Sandvik (Rammer) Mid Range (E Series) the perfect match for mid-sized carriers.  With these products, you can be assured of long life with minimal maintenance. 

  • Standard and City Versions
    Flexibility in choosing the correct hammer for your application   

  • Slip fit wear bushings
    Easy installation and replacement
    Can be rotated 90Âş for extended life
    Lubrication grooves for enhanced lubrication   

  • Heavy duty, reinforced box
    Protects power cell
    Quieter operation
    Streamline design for better visibility
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